Mercury & Venus Change Signs & Jupiter Trine Ses-Square the North Node – Jan 6-9

About 7:10pm on Wednesday night, Jan 6, Transiting Mercury at 27:33 Capricorn was Conjunct the US’s Natal Pluto. Does that explain some of the crazy events and headlines yesterday? The US will be very close to its Pluto Return this Spring but it won’t exact until Spring 2022. Suspicion and duality abound with Mercury Conjunct Pluto. But it can also be the ability to see both sides of a storyline or narrative.

Thursday, Jan 7

At 7:04pm Mercury at 29:11 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Venus at 29:11 Sagittarius.

With both Mercury and Venus on the Anaretic degree (29+) of the 2 Signs, there is something ‘critical’ in this aspect. Mercury is quintessential power moves and words right now. Venus is quintessential philosopher at the moment. This Semi-Sextile has they both desiring some good leadership that can rise above the fray.

Friday, Jan 8

At 7:00am Mercury Ingresses Aquarius.

This is quite a shift of our conscious mind from power, status and career to universal, social and electrical circuits. Mercury’s will Retrograde in this Sign. In Aquarius, Mercury is merged with a Higher-Mind energy of Uranus which can be erratic, electrifying, shocking and even unstable. But always revelatory.

At 10:41am Venus Ingresses Capricorn.

Here Venus is the power broker. She wants to apply her diplomacy to circles of power. And she can lead the way with an appealing smile to open many doors for her. Look for women in politics to play a leading role for the next month. OR for government to be initiating structures for YOUR personal resources and earned income.

At 11:53am the Sun at 18:38 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 18:38 Pisces.

A clarifying day around your career goals and public authority. You can SEE what Neptune has been dissolving in your old thinking to make room for these new initiatives.

At 9:44pm Mercury at 1:01 Aquarius Squares Mars at 1:01 Taurus.

Mercury is very close to Saturn right now so it can feel a bit like he is still in Capricorn. But Mars is applying to Uranus and so there is enough shake-up energy to keep us from feeling too restricted. Aggressive words expressed over the wire, social media or through groups is likely. Or someone may challenge your ideas and confront you about them. Mars is less aggressive in Taurus and he is more likely to throw some dirt in your face than punch your face. Be sure to look for the awareness to duck when necessary.

Saturday, Jan 9, AM

At 3:47am Jupiter at 4:43 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 19:43 Gemini.

This aspect has been applying for the last week and we should be able to sense the Soulful lesson the North Node is offering. Jupiter is bringing together groups of like-minded people. They may be praying together and sharing their faith freely. The North Node is emphasizing the need to speak to those in your neighborhood and community. Aquarius is the Sign of FREEDOM and universal ideals. Jupiter involves global, big picture application of our spiritual philosophy. Bring these big ideas into the realm of your neighborhood and apply your spiritual truths to loving your neighbors universally… don’t leave ANYONE out!! There is some adjustment needed to create the ease.

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