Magical Communications – Jan 5/6

Tuesday, Jan 5, EST

At 3:32pm Mercury at 25:40 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 19:40 Gemini.

Our words of authority around career, social status or politics is working effortlessly with our local community plans. Much can be accomplished today to put everyone on the same page. What are your plans for your local government and new structures that need to be initiated? Express them and you may be magically grateful that you did.

Wednesday, Jan 6

At 4:37am the Moon at 16:17 Libra Squares the Sun at 16:17 Capricorn creating the Last/Waning Quarter Moon.

Our goals for effective leadership or political ambitions are challenging our relationships right now. But we can get clear about which is more important and where we are headed for the next week.

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