Our Global Desires Get Tested & Full Moon in Cancer – Dec 28-31

Dec 26-27 the Sun moved through the same aspects Mercury made from Dec 23-25: Squared Chiron, Quintiled Neptune and Trined Uranus. You should have had some clarity around words that were spoken and thoughts you had as Mercury made the same aspects.

Thursday, Dec 28, EST

At 11:12am Venus at 16:15 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 1:15 Aquarius.

With the exception of the Full Moon on Tuesday, Venus makes the last 4 aspects of 2020. Venus is in Sagittarius and we are optimistic about our resources. We want EVERYONE to experience abundance and have a plentiful life. Saturn in Aquarius is holding us accountable to groups and our social media needs. The highest vibration of Saturn in Aquarius is justice, equality and governmental/banking/corporate ‘philanthropy’. Can we achieve these elevated goals? The Semi-Square is going to challenge us a bit to stay optimistic and to apply our values universally, and we may fall a bit short, but we still believe it CAN BE DONE. That is the best to come out of this aspect. Keep the optimism. Be responsible to the whole of humanity and you can’t go wrong here.

Tuesday, Dec 29

At 5:27am Venus at 17:12 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 2:12 Aquarius.

The 2 Healing Planets meeting in an irritating aspect shouldn’t feel ‘irritating’ at all. Jupiter rules Venus right now keeping her values on the big picture. Jupiter is bringing Aquarius’ philanthropic goals to the global community. Venus is making spiritual ideas beautiful, refined and very balanced. These 2 will work it out to bring out the BEST this aspect can achieve. A very global, universal sense of abundance. Go with the craziest most beautiful ideals that you can have. The Planets are allowing for a renewal (Aquarius) of higher-consciousness and faith (Jupiter/Sagittarius) following the drudgery of 2020 with the Capricorn Stellium. We built the base in 2020 for the new renaissance of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

At 10:28pm the Moon at 8:53 Cancer Opposes the Sun at 8:53 Capricorn creating the annual Full Moon in Cancer.

We can SEE (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about the public and career structures we have built (Capricorn) to support our home, family, land and sense of security (Cancer). The Moon is in her own Sign of Cancer and emotional may be initiated that add to the dramatic effect of this Full Moon. We have been strongly focused on politics and various public authorities over the last year and now we can see how their actions have supported our families or where we need to work harder to do so.

Wednesday, Dec 30

At 5:19am Venus at 18:26 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 18:26 Pisces.

This 3D/Karmic aspect to Neptune is going to deeply challenge Venus to let go of any fear associated with abundance for all or her new spiritual philosophy. What is lingering in our subconscious minds needs to be looked at, acknowledged and let go of in order to resolve any Karmic fear that might hold us back from working on this lofty ideas of the last few days or weeks. If you find yourself hesitating to touch or hug someone, this would be that aspect. Do you believe in separation consciousness or have your let that old paradigm go? 2020 has been a year of extreme separation consciousness across the Planet. Don’t lose sight of your desires for global abundance here. Just address any lingering fears by seeing them manifest so you can let them go.

Thursday, Dec 31

At 9:15am Venus at 19:54 Sagittarius Opposes the North Node at 19:54 Gemini.

Now Venus needs to take her big spiritual philosophy and sense of universal abundance from abstract ideals into physical form in her small town or neighborhood. She needs to begin to practice what she has been preaching and SHOWING others her values by acting on her desires. She needs to use the KISS principle to the way she talks in her community: Kiss It Simple, Stupid.

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