Jupiter Into Aquarius & the Superior Conjunction – Dec 19

Right now the Moon is at 18 degrees Aquarius and will be moving through Pisces by noon on Saturday. Mars is applying to Eris which won’t be very helpful in his 3rd Square to Pluto that exacts on the 23rd. Black Moon Lillith is applying to Uranus Retrograde at 6+ Taurus and that is helping us with 5D awareness and 5D sense of equality and fairness. In the US we just heard the Pentagon has halted Joe Biden’s Transition to the Presidency as the equality of BML Conjunct Jupiter and the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury on Oct 23 necessitated transparency and honesty. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is shaping up the ‘legal’ matters. And Jupiter and Saturn will soon meet in Aquarius highlighting ALL equality matters for the next year.

Saturday, Dec 19, EST

At 8:07am Jupiter Ingresses Aquarius.

Jupiter is already in very tight orb (less than 1 degree) to Saturn so we really already have their energies merged. But once Jupiter moves into Aquarius, we will be fully aligning with the Great Conjunction energy that exacts at 1:20pm on Monday, Dec 21. Jupiter in Aquarius is expansive revelation; unexpected reconciliation; broadcast interruptions; foreign acquaintances, unexpected long-distance travel/distribution; unexpected good fortune; universal or sudden spiritual philosophy and awareness and much more.

But add Saturn to the mix and you have initiating structures and foundations for these revelations and philosophical perspectives. You have yourself and a significant other in an unexpected meeting. Saturn rules Capricorn, the most public Sign of the Zodiac Wheel. Jupiter makes things ‘global’ and Uranus/Aquarius makes things ‘universal.’ So this Great Conjunction will affect each of us AND all of us.

There are many out there touting many grand things about this Conjunction, but I will leave the unexpected part to bring your own awareness. If I define things too tightly, I confine things. As do you. This aspect has INFINITE ability to initiate new structures (Saturn) to support an enlightened era of thought and perspective. I look forward to hearing how you FELT and EXPERIENCED this energy in YOUR life/reality.

At 10:22am Venus at 4:57 Sagittarius Trines Chiron at 4:57 Aries.

A wonderful healing energy that overcomes our lack of motivation and insecurity so that we can touch someone we love. Or we desire to run away on an adventure and there is nothing holding us back for the moment. Its the perfect time to heal things around someone we have not been able to get close to lately.

At 10:26pm the Sun at 28:42 Sagittarius Conjuncts Mercury at 28:42 Sagittarius.

One of only 6 days each year where our conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with real-time/reality (Sun). Both Planets are fresh from a Conjunction with the Galactic Center at 27:05 Sagittarius so they are filled with infinite (GC) wisdom (Sagittarius). In Higher-Mind energies of Sagittarius, Mercury is elevated and this day can show us great insights and truths. And offer us ways to reconcile polarity by taking the Sagittarian ‘higher path/road.’

This is the halfway point in the current cycle between the Sun and Mercury. They last met at the Inferior Conjunction, which seeds our thoughts and goals for the cycle, on Oct 25 at 2:48 Scorpio while Mercury was Retrograde (Inferior). This Conjunction was about setting new goals and plans for improving honesty and transparency in all financial and physical sharing situations. Today you can see how well you are keeping to those goals and how well others may be as well.

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