Action-Packed 24 Hours – Dec 14/15

There was plenty of discussion around the time the Solar Eclipse was exacting. Big ideas flying around and global perspectives of legal issues have been broadcast today. The rest of the week is likely going to be breath-taking. Just after midnight on Thursday, Saturn Ingresses Aquarius. The last time Saturn was ready to leave his own Sign of Capricorn and head into Aquarius, the US began its 2-week lockdown to ‘slow the spread.’ Saturn is restriction and Karmic fear in the Sign of socializing, groups, social media and unexpected things. On Saturday morning Jupiter will join Saturn in Aquarius and we will begin to feel the energy of the Great Conjunction that exacts on Dec 21. Next Monday we have the Winter Solstice just before the Great Conjunction. And by this time Mars will be near his final Square to Pluto which exacts on the 23rd. Batten down the hatches as we continue through the Eclipse Wormhole that will finally end at the Full Moon at 8:53 Cancer on Dec 29.

At 11:23pm Mercury at 20:53 Sagittarius Trines Mars at 20:53 Aries.

Mercury is just separating from his Opposition to the North Node and makes this easy aspect to Mars. We are motivated to speak a lot about big ideas or just the ‘Fresh Start’ of the Eclipse.

At 11:30pm the Sun at 23:40 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 23:40 Capricorn.

This aspect was in effect through the Eclipse but now we will see the purpose in this energy. How is transparency a part of our legal focus? Are we using our authority appropriately?

Tuesday, Dec 15

At 8:00am Venus at 29:49 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 29:49 Capricorn.

Both Planets are set to change Signs and are now on the Anaretic (critical) degree of the 2 Signs they are leaving. Saturn is in his natural energy in his own Sign. Venus is merging with Pluto’s quintessential energy of honesty and transparency around all money and intimacy matters. They are working productively to help us finalize some career or social status objective.

At 11:21am Venus Ingresses Sagittarius.

From the intense Sign of Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius can relax, unwind and consider herself on a Stay-cation as she moves from Fixed Water to Mutable Fire. Adventure or spiritual desires await her over the next month. She is optimistic around her resources and willing to use them in benefit to others.

At 5:17pm Chiron at 4:56 Aries Stations Direct.

Chiron in Aries has been about wearing a mask over the last year. As he Stations Direct, we should feel some lessening of this energy. He is in Aries for a few more years, though, but likely the story will change some. But our lack of motivation and insecurity will be with us for the next few years. If he has aspected one of your Planets over the last year, as he crosses through this aspect one more time, there is a silver lining on that separation. Try to see the lesson you have been through with some Soul Awareness.

At 5:43pm Mercury at 22:05 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 7:05 Taurus.

Uranus was Ses-Square to the Sun and Moon during the Eclipse so that energy is part of the next few months. Now as Mercury moves through this aspect, we will be expressing the energy Uranus brought to the Solar Eclipse. It will have to do with our optimism around our available, though maybe unstable, resources, values and desires.

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