Warp Speed Into the Eclipse – Part 1 – Dec 12-14

Saturday, Dec 12, EST

At 12:06am Mars at 19:57 Aries Sextiles the North Node at 19:57 Gemini.

A nice aspect between our actions in our local community, taking neighbors to run some errands or just reaching out to some classmates. Being with neighbors is satisfying right now.

At 7:04am Venus at 26:02 Scorpio Biquintiles Mars at 20:02 Aries.

This is a wonderful aspect between men and women or our own male/female energies. Venus desires deep connection and Mars is bringing the passion. The ability act on our passions is effortless.

Sunday, Dec 13

At 6:38am Mercury at 18:13 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 18:13 Pisces.

There can be some confusion or some deep thoughts that bubble up and speak some greater truth. We could seek some escapists type activities as well. Neptune is making his last pass through 18 degrees of Pisces so what is dissolving right now can be expressed and we can move on from it.

At 11:48am the Sun at 22:09 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 7:09 Taurus.

Some clarifying revelation or changed goals. There is plenty of inspiration, electrifying awareness and the Sun needs to bring it into some form of reality. This necessitates the adjustment. We need to adjust our spiritual philosophy to match our changed values so that we can achieve the ease promised by the Ses-Square.

Monday, Dec 14

At 8:59am Mercury at 19:57 Sagittarius Opposes the North Node at 19:57 Gemini.

Too much talk right now can feel pretty draining. We need to keep our communication simple and local as so anyone can understand. Let go of all of the pontificating for a moment and remember all you learned in Kindergarten and you will see what the North Node in Gemini is trying to teach you.

At 11:16am the Moon at 23:08 Sagittarius Conjuncts the Sun at 23:08 Sagittarius creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Part 1 of the Solar Eclipse. Let’s look at the overall energies of a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

Solar Eclipses are supercharged ‘Fresh Starts’ in the Sign’s energies. In Sagittarius, we can expect to arrive at a new spiritual or global perspective, become a grandparent, find a mentor, seek adventure and plan a vacation. Or we might find some new optimism or decide to publish some ideas we’ve been working on. Or we might decide to ‘broadcast’ our philosophy in some new form.

The House where you have 23+ Sagittarius in your Natal Chart will determine WHO is involved in this ‘Fresh Start’ energy with you. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is an Interpersonal Sign and so there is likely one other person of significance involved with you.

These are the People by House:

1st House – Me, myself and I. Though your new philosophy could feel like it has a life of its own. Men, heroes, aggressive types.

2nd House – Women, beauty types, massage therapists, someone you love and desire, chefs or food artists.

3rd House – Siblings, neighbors, cousins, classmates, local community types, vehicle mechanics, local business people and contractors.

4th House – Mom, family, home contractors, mothers, nurturers.

5th House – Children, entertainers, artists, romantic partners, partners in crime, coaches.

6th House – Co-workers, healthcare workers, fitness gurus, service-types, first-responders, accountants, farmers.

7th House – Significant others, close friends, open enemies, union reps, diplomats.

8th House – Lovers, investors, benefactors, loan sharks/officers, hospice workers, undertakers.

9th House – Grandparents, senior citizens, foreigners, college students/professors, pastors, philosophers, mentors, insurance workers, lawyers, notaries.

10th House – Dad, father-types, bread-winners, career types, head-hunters, politicians, bankers, corporations, public authorities.

11th House – Acquaintances, social network, social media companies, groups you belong to, gangs, mobsters, electrical workers, technology workers.

12th House – Hidden enemies, fantasy partners, psychics, drinking buddies, drug dealers.

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