Upcoming Astrological Game-Changers

A few game-changers affecting us all:

  1. Dec 14 Solar Eclipse at 23:08 Sagittarius.
  2. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Dec 21 at 0:29 Aquarius.

Solar Eclipses are always game-changers and we have 2 of these each year. They bring super-charged ‘fresh starts’ in the area of our lives where the Eclipse occurs. In this case 23+ Sagittarius. As Sagittarius is the Sign of optimism, spirituality, philosophy, big picture thinking, higher consciousness, abundance and good fortune, a fresh start here is usually a very good thing. In lower realms, Sagittarius rules legal matters as well. Which doesn’t seem to be that optimistic most of the time. But in a 3D sense, Sagittarius is where we RECONCILE and release the Duality/Karma we created in Gemini. Right now, though, the North Node is Transiting through Gemini, the Sign of Duality and beginning of Karma. We are to learn the Soulful understanding of what CREATES this Duality and Karma. The South Node in Sagittarius means the legal matters are a ‘letting go’ kind of energy and show some past-life or deeper context to the legal matters that will be before us. Just a few days before the Eclipse, on Dec 11, the Sun at 19:57 Sagittarius will Oppose the North Node at 19:57 Gemini. This will be a powerful window for getting clear about the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius so we can embrace the events up ahead with a newfound optimism.

Remember that Lunar Eclipses shut things down to make way for something new at the Solar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse on Nov 30 at 8:38 Gemini was Conjunct the US Uranus and Opposite the US Ascendant. The Solar Eclipse is in the US’s 6th House by Sun Sign and 1st House by Rising Sign. Something about our ‘service, duty, health, spiritual philosophy and optimism is up for a ‘fresh start’. Talk of a ‘vaccine’ is a 6th House ‘health’ issue, delivery across the country is a Sagittarius, long-distance travel issue, and Opposite Uranus is unexpected ingenuity of the conscious mind (Gemini).

There are plenty of ‘prophets, psychics, new-agers’ selling some 5D ideas (from their 4D mindset) of what the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Dec 21 at 0:29 Aquarius will bring about. While it is likely to bring many beneficial things, it really begins a new cycle of the next 20 years around all things Aquarian. It is a solid start to the physical reality of the Age of Aquarius, for sure. So that makes it more significant than previous Great Conjunctions. The most recent Great Conjunction, the one that is wrapping up right now was at 22:43 Taurus on May 28, 2000. It was about Interpersonal values, beauty, acquiring resources together and building something that was Fixed Earth.

Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 Interpersonal Planets which make the aspect representative of ourself and another/others). As they are meeting in the Higher-Mind energy of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, means that we can/will SEE each other from the Soulful perspective, in self-awareness and with compassion. It also may be ourselves and groups of people as Uranus rules groups and group-think.

So a new cycle of Interpersonal situations of social status (Saturn) and optimism, higher-consciousness (Jupiter) in Aquarius means CHANGE and REVELATION. Aquarius/Uranus rules invention, ingenuity, out-of-the-blue thinking, other-worldly ideas (alien… intergalactic), bizarre and unexpected things along with philanthropy, equality for all, communal-style living, etc.

So when you hear some 4D people mentioning that we will see each other Merkabbah like AT the Great Conjunction, don’t count anything out. But don’t be discouraged if you DON’T see things bizarre things immediately. It may be a process. Though our President is ready to disclose alien technology (yes, Uranus rules all online technology and electricity). I believe THAT is our Soul Encounter that will launch into a new reality! That is Uranus’s hallmark! We are going into CHANGED reality and awareness. Anything is on the table. Regarding inventions, Tesla’s technology is ready to be unleashed… FREE Energy (so Aquarian), med beds that heal and bring us back to everyone like being 30 years old (which I included in my novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug in 1999), time travel (which I explain Astrologically on my YouTube channel 5D Astrology, Theory of Everything (watch full playlist and Zombie Apocalypse too).

The Age of Aquarius, like the Age of Pisces, will usher in new ‘agreements’ or consciousness as to the underpinning mental constructs of the next Astrological Age.

Aquarius rules Fixed Air/Fixed Ideas and group-think. Orwell was writing about the Age of Aquarius from a 3D perspective. Some may see that perspective. But as we wrap up the Age of Pisces and the challenges of illusion and projection that underpinned that era, we could be looking the Zombie Apocalypse in some metaphorical way, or the ‘Rapture’ as our 3D projections/mirrors exit Stage Left so we can play upon the new Stage of the Age of Aquarius as enlightened beings with self-awareness and universal ideas.

Technology has already ‘zombified’ the younger generations who have Natal Uranus in Aquarius, or those early 30s and late 20s who have Uranus Conjunct their Neptune (numbness) in Capricorn. Maybe the Zombies are really just profiles of ‘friends’ who unfriend you!! Making room for your NEW friends of the alien type;)

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