3-Way of Motivation/Desires & Subconscious – Dec 5/6

Saturday, Dec 5, EST, PM

At 4:44pm Mars at 18:11 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 18:11 Pisces.

Part 1 – This aspect is applying now as I write. We are motivated subconsciously and it can be a bit stronger than we usually feel. Our subconscious is kicking us into gear.

At 11:53pm Venus at 18:11 Scorpio Trines Neptune at 18:11 Pisces.

Part 2 – This is the easiest part of the 3-way as our desires are deep and subconscious and making it easy to touch and merge. Money issues are flowing nicely.

Sunday, Dec 6

At 1:41am Venus at 18:16 Scorpio Quincunx Mars at 18:16 Aries.

Part 3 – Here an adjustment is required between our passion and our desire to touch and merge. Men may need to slow it down or remember to align actions with our desires.

At 7:42am Mercury at 7:20 Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus Rx at 7:20 Taurus.

This aspect has Mercury in Sagittarius, Sign of broadcasting and Mercury rules ‘news’, making an adjustment to any changed desires or beliefs (Uranus in Taurus). Or we may adjust our beliefs based on some shocking news or broadcast.

Mercury is approaching the position of the Sun at 8:38 Sagittarius, Opposite the Moon, during the Lunar Eclipse of Nov 30. The US’s Natal Uranus is at 8:55 Gemini and the US’s Ascendant is at 8:14 Sagittarius. So over the next 24 hours, Mercury will make many aspects that will bring unexpected news and maybe some disruption to broadcasting in the US.

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