Venus Makes Magic with the North Node and Jupiter – Dec 2/3

Wednesday, Dec 2, EST

At 1:23pm Venus at 13:54 Scorpio Biquintiles the North Node at 19:34 Gemini.

Our desires to merge, financially and physically are effortlessly working with our Soulful need to communicate and move around our neighborhood. Our beliefs are being tested with deep integrity and Soulful lessons we learned in Kindergarten. Treat everyone fairly and play nice on the playground. Honesty, integrity and transparency are beautiful and innocent and uncorruptible.

Thursday, Dec 3

At 2:54am the Sun at 11:36 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 26:36 Capricorn.

Both the Sun and Venus are in aspect to Jupiter at the same time this morning. The Semi-Square is not that irritating when Jupiter is involved and Jupiter rules the Sun Transiting through his Sign. Optimism is still available and plentiful and the clarity will help you to see how your leadership philosophy is serving you and others well.

At 3:03am Venus at 14:36 Scorpio Quintiles Jupiter at 26:36 Capricorn.

The 2 Healing Planets meet in a magical aspect. We have lots of love in our hearts and want to initiate some foundations that better support ourselves and others. Touch is effortless and says a lot right now. Leaders know how to share their philosophy and apply it. Its a very fortunate aspect for finances and love.

At 6:45am Mercury at 2:36 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Mars at 17:36 Aries.

Some adjustment here will lead to an ease. Mercury may be talking too much to act as he should. Mars wants less talk and more action. Find the adjustment and you will be able to align your words and actions accordingly. Mars is in the final phase of his Retrograde cycle and we are getting clear about our motivations and willpower. You may be able to express what they are once you adjust yourself to talking less while saying more.

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