Mercury In Sagittarius Brings Legal Matters into Reality – Dec 1

Yesterday I posted about what Mercury’s Transit through Sagittarius will be about. But it has far-reaching ramifications in the US’s chart and with current events.

Mercury is currently Transiting the US’s subconscious/12th House (by Rising Sign) which begins at 18:20 Scorpio. The 12th House rules hidden resources, hidden problems and enemies, Karmic fears, dissolving or confusion of situations, dreams and illusions as well as deception. The 12th House cusp in Scorpio is a powerfully transformative energy. Hidden bits of research and ethical situations can be on your mind.

Mercury crossed into the US’s 12th House on Nov 24. As he Ingresses Sagittarius, Mercury will be about hidden legal actions, but could also have some of these hidden actions SEEN as well. Mercury rules the conscious mind and the SEEN world. The 12th House rules the UNSEEN world, secret societies and secret agendas. Mercury will have us SEEING and speaking about what has been hidden. Though it may not all come to light until Mercury reaches the US’s Ascendant at 8:14 Sagittarius on Dec 7. Mercury will also Oppose the US’s Uranus at 8:55 Gemini, the Sign Mercury rules, later that day. and just after Mercury Semi-Squares Transiting Pluto. The fact that Pluto is Ses-Square the US’s Uranus at the same time could be helpful. But the words we hear will be transformative (Pluto), shocking and unexpected (Uranus) around legal, spiritual and foreign matters.

Sagittarius is also the US’s 6th House of military service and there is already more open discussion of military tribunals for those involved in the voter fraud with foreign entities.

Things will be ‘seen’ through some ‘broadcasting’ form (Sagittarius) likely beginning around Dec 7th. Military tribunals broadcast to a global audience…? Sounds about right.

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