Mercury Wraps Up Cradle, Venus & Sun Change Signs & More – Nov 20-22

Friday, Nov 20, EST

At 5:00pm Saturn at 27:33 Capricorn Conjuncts the US’s Natal Pluto at 27:33 Capricorn.

This is Saturn’s 3rd pass to this degree and minute: Feb 23; Aug 5 and today. For the US, we have gone through 2 Saturn/Pluto Conjunctions and new cycles this year. It certainly feels that way, too! While the US has not gone through their Pluto Return yet, the structural transformation is underway. The last few days can feel like the return to the energy of Jan-Feb, but there is some progress that we are also sensing… some structures have been destroyed via ‘fraud’ (Pluto shows the shadow side of Capricorn authority) and we are working to rebuild things in alignment with Pluto’s higher vibration of transparency, honesty and integrity in all uses of power and authority.

Saturday, Nov 21

At 7:42am Mercury at 14:08 Scorpio Biquintiles the North Node at 20:07 Gemini.

This is the last aspect of Mercury in Scorpio rolling through a Cradle of Merlin with Pluto, Chiron and the North Node. We have likely heard some things about investigations and ‘affidavits’ or sworn statements (Mercury and Pluto) of individuals (Chiron) to be used in court of public opinion (North Node in Gemini) letting go of ‘court cases’ with South Node in Sagittarius. This news has been beneficial for those who are not afraid to see into the depths of people’s ethics or lack thereof. The North Node is Conjunct Donald Trump’s North Node at the moment and he is dropping some state-level court cases in favor of some actions to be taken at the Lunar Eclipse at 8+ Gemini Opposite the US’s Ascendant and Conjunct the US Uranus. This Cradle has produced loads of interesting bits of information.

At 8:22am Venus Ingresses Scorpio.

Now our desires will be to dig deep and to merge with the information there so we can arrive at values that affect each of us and bring about greater personal integrity. Especially integrity in the ways that we acquire resources or share ourselves in exchange for other people’s resources. Money and sensual/sexual touch will be deep this next month.

At 3:40pm the Sun Ingresses Sagittarius.

For the next 30 days of the Sun’s Transit through Sagittarius, we will have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8:38 Gemini (with Sun at 8:38 Sagittarius) on Nov 30 and the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23:08 Sagittarus on Dec 14. We are in the Eclipse Wormhole and now the Sun is aligning with the energy of the Eclipses. We can expect to receive clarity around legal matters, spiritual philosophy and beliefs, as well as stock market speculation and overall optimism.

At 11:45pm the Moon at 0:20 Pisces Squares the Sun at 0:20 Sagittarius creating the Waxing Quarter Moon.

This is the Quarter Moon occurring a week before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. With the Sun already in Sagittarius, we can expect to get clear about some of our goals for the next month and some of the ’emotional reset’ of the Lunar Eclipse (what will you be leaving behind?) and preparing for the SUPERCHARGED ‘FRESH START’ of the Solar Eclipse. Moon in Pisces can have us feeling a need to escape or avoid, but the Sun will be providing optimism to counter these feelings.

Sunday, Nov 22

At 8:24am Mercury at 15:41 Scorpio Quintiles Saturn at 27:41 Capricorn.

A bit of the Cradle is still in play as Mercury makes an effortless aspect to Saturn. Our new foundations will need to be build on being responsible, ethical and honest. It will be easy to achieve that in our communications today.

At 8:36am the Sun at 0:43 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Mars at 15:43 Aries.

We need to adjust our overall optimism with our personal motivations. There is some adjustment that requires that we act on our own behalf in order to create an ease.

At 9:00am Mercury at 15:43 Scorpio Quincunx Mars at 15:43 Aries.

At nearly the exact same time, Mercury is ADJUSTING his investigative research to his own motivation or that of someone else. There is no ease here, just an adjustment. Do we wear a mask even if the research shows it is healthy? Can we speak the truth even though we know its not going to change our’s or someone else’s actions? Maybe a mental note to self is better?

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