Mercury Rolls Thru a Cradle of Merlin – Nov 19

By the time of today’s 1st aspect, the Moon is Transiting in Capricorn and preparing to Conjunct the Stellium there: Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athena and Saturn. This will add emphasis to their energies allowing us to see how we FEEL about what they are accomplishing here. The Moon is Ses-Square to her upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse degree of 8:38 Gemini on Nov 30. We are in the Eclipse Wormhole and should start to feel the changes that are up ahead of us.

At 2:17am the Sun at 27:25 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 27:25 Capricorn.

This is Saturn’s 3rd pass to this degree: Feb 22; Aug 7 and today. The US’s Natal Pluto is at 27:33 Capricorn. So in 2020, Saturn started 2 new cycles with Transiting Pluto AND the US’s Natal Pluto transforming all of our public structures, authority and financial systems. The Sun is ruled by Pluto while Transiting in Scorpio. This productive aspect will help us to SEE how we are doing in the transformation process. Are we heeding the need to be response-able AND transparent?

At 5:02am Mercury at 11:00 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 23:00 Capricorn.

With this aspect, over the next 50 hours Mercury will magically aspect Pluto, Chiron and the North Node from a 4th point in Scorpio creating a Cradle of Merlin. Mercury in 5D aspect elevates our 3D mind into 5D magical abilities. Use it to see how to reconcile Mercury’s 3D Duality so that you can leave Karma and enjoy Soul Awareness. This aspect to Pluto, from Pluto’s own Sign of Scorpio, offers great transformative ideas on how to merge both physically and financially to accomplish something infinite. For these few days, the sky is the limit and money seems not to be an issue. Someone is likely to be there offering financial support and backing.

At 6:28am Venus at 27:26 Libra Squares Saturn at 27:26 Capricorn.

While this aspect could have us feeling like our resources are restricted, use of others’ resources via the aspect above is more likely and available. We may find that we need to be very diplomatic with this aspect, however, in order for all career moves and resource opportunities to be realized.

At 9:16am Mercury at 11:15 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 5:15 Aries.

This morning we will find the willpower to overcome lack of motivation or insecurity and our mind can easily see through any manipulation of others to keep us trapped by our insecurity. We can see how we are merely experiencing one of the 12 woundings of our human experience and rise above all the struggles of it.

At 11:21pm Mercury at 12:07 Scorpio Quintiles Jupiter at 24:07 Capricorn.

Now we have the magical good fortune of signing on the dotted line of career opportunities or financial backing. We can express ourselves optimistically and align with our leadership philosophy of leading for the good of all. We can realize some great increase in the stock market as everyone feels optimistic. At this point, Mercury has met with 2 other points of a Cradle and on Saturday morning, he will Biquintile the North Node, the 4th point of the Cradle.

At 11:44pm the Sun at 28:19 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Venus at 28:19 Libra.

A minor aspect that completes a 3-way with Venus, Sun and Saturn. Now we have clarity around any resources we share with others or our use of others’ resources. How is our transparency and honesty in our intimate situations supporting our friendships or business partnerships?

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