3rd Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction & Trump’s Finger of Merlin – Nov 11/12

Mid-post is the write-up of the 3rd Conjunction AND Trump’s Finger of Merlin activated by the Conjunction.

Wednesday, Nov 11, EST

At 7:31pm Venus at 18:15 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 18:15 Pisces.

These 2 Planets determine the way we feel about our desires to touch, to acquire income/luxury items or our values and things we love. The aspect to Neptune makes us feel either content or apprehensive. The Quincunx calls for an adjustment to be made. It doesn’t promise more ease, but necessitates that we adjust to what is around us. Venus is in her own Sign of Libra and desires to relate, but needs to adjust herself. There is some old nagging feeling that she needs to heed to better relate, earn, value or touch.

Thursday, Nov 12

At 12:00am the Sun at 20:16 Scorpio Quincunx the North Node at 20:16 Gemini.

The Sun makes the Quincunx’s adjustment pretty easy to do because you are adjusting with the clarity from the Sun. The NN in Gemini has us needing to communicate in simple ways in our local community rather than getting all philosophical (South Node in Sagittarius). We need to apply the KISS principle: Keep it Simple, Stupid. But the Sun is in Scorpio and seeing ALL kinds of taboo things that your neighbors may not want to even know about, much less talk about. This aspect will assist you to clarify ways to proceed.

At 4:09am the Sun at 20:26 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 5:26 Aries.

Now the adjustment our clarity offers us will result in an ease. With Chiron and the Sun, gratitude is the best answer. Yes, many are wearing masks over their faces emblematic of insecurity and lack of motivation to assert ourselves. But the Sun is showing us the shadow side of the truth we may have swallowed and we need to adjust to be more Soulful in understanding this is just an ‘experience’.

At 4:39pm Jupiter at 22:52 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 22:52 Capricorn.

And so we have the Grand Finale of upside of Pluto in Capricorn’s Transit. Pluto has been Transiting through Capricorn since 2008 showing us the corruption in our public circles of power: governments, banks, corporations, careers, material status, bread-winning and all father-like authority. It hasn’t been pretty. From the minute Pluto Ingressed Capricorn, my 3rd House of communication by Sun Sign, I was researching and blogging about the corruption of ‘the powers that be.’ Jupiter was Transiting in late Capricorn at the time and has now finally returned to Capricorn to create new cycles in our circles of power with Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Pluto has created the same new cycles over this last year. That is A LOT of Capricorn cycles that will be at play for the next 24 months (with Mars), 12 years (with Jupiter) and 28 years (with Saturn). The STRUCTURES and FOUNDATIONS (Saturn/Capricorn) and SHARED RESOURCES/ debts/ loans, etc. (Pluto) have been undergoing VERY PUBLIC (Saturn/Capricorn) TRANSFORMATION (Pluto).

Thankfully Jupiter was in the mix this year bringing optimism, benevolence and spiritual perspectives to our circles of power and shared resources. In Capricorn, Jupiter has helped us to reevaluate our philosophy of good leadership styles and how leaders SHOULD benefit us ALL.

Combine Jupiter and Pluto energy and you get: debt forgiveness, honesty and integrity in applying Capricorn-style authority, stimulus checks, federal government paying unemployment and rent during the global (Jupiter) pandemic (which was really corruption to control), proactive leaders, leaders taking on fiscal responsibility for the state of affairs, the ‘cure’ provided by government (they are talking about a vaccine now—not the Bill Gates style as Jupiter will keep things in check–more likely therapeutics and REAL healing (Jupiter is a Healing Planet) to rid (Pluto) us of the corruption and control governments exerted via the ‘virus.’

Jupiter also rules legal matters and in Capricorn he is dealing with the Supreme law of the land, in the US the Supreme Court. Our President (Capricorn rules politicians and government officials) is bringing the voting fraud (Pluto) to the Supreme Court. But in doing so, the people are having to be reeducated (Jupiter) in how our government SHOULD (Jupiter) work! Our President is TEACHING the people as they watch the various branches of the government function (Capricorn) effectively and legally (Jupiter). Congress is coming back in session to sign another Stimulus package and we can expect that will be coming shortly.

With Jupiter as the last Planet of the recent trio (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) to Conjunct Pluto (on the SAME DEGREE as the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12), we can end this ‘pandemic’ and election virus on a high note. Things are looking up!! That is the power of Jupiter. When they discuss transparency and honesty, that is Pluto’s highest vibration and when Pluto is teamed with Jupiter, it is far easier to accomplish for most everyone.

Trump’s Natal Chart with Transiting Planets for Nov 12, 2020

Now the US President has a Finger of Merlin operating in his chart ALL YEAR with the Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Conjunctions. These Planets have all made Biquintiles to his Natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini and his Ascendant at 29+ Leo. His Natal Uranus (Higher-Mind Planet) makes a Quintile (5D/Magical aspect) to his ‘highest point of self-awareness.’ Yes, he speaks erratically and that is the Hallmark of Uranus affecting speech (Uranus in Gemini and his ASC in his 3rd House of communication by Sun Sign). But make NO MISTAKE the man IS playing 5D chess!!! He has a magical mind. And right now all of the upside of Jupiter/Conjunct Pluto is the nozzle (Conjunct his Natal Vertex almost exact today… the Vertex is when we meet 5D relationship types… ACB in SCOTUS) of a Finger of Merlin operating in his chart. One leg is also hitting my Natal Ascendant at 18:06 Gemini. But Trump’s Gemini North Node at 20 degrees and his Sun at 22 degrees Gemini will have Pluto in Biquintile over the next 5-6 years!! He is the man to clean up the Swamp. Isn’t Astrology cool?

At 11:11pm the Sun at 21:14 Scorpio Biquintiles Mars Rx at 15:14 Aries.

Mars is on the very degree and minute of his Direct Station which will occur at 7:35pm on Friday night. So he is stopped right now. This double-magic clarity around intimacy and shared resources is going to help him to wrap up his review of his own willpower and motivation. Soak up the clarity that comes to mind tonight. He will help in so many ways.

Friday, Nov 13, AM

At 9:02am Venus at 20:10 Libra Trines the North Node at 20:10 Gemini.

If you want to heal with a friend, this is a great aspect for that. Perhaps words have created some division and you don’t want to lose their friendship. Today reach out to those you love in our neighborhood and heal from any recent struggles. It feels good to have friends today.

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