Sun Trine Neptune Rx & Jupiter Applies to Pluto – Nov 10

Besides the aspects below, applying to his 3rd Conjunction with Pluto on Thursday is Jupiter commanding center-stage in our world right now. He will meet Pluto at 22:52 Capricorn at 4:39pm. This Conjunction is VERY powerful because it is the same degree as the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12 at 22:47 Capricorn. Between now and Thursday, Jupiter will cross that exact point of their meeting highlighting that Conjunction again.

On Monday, President Trump was sending his case about voting fraud to the Supreme Court. Jupiter rules ‘court’ and Capricorn is the highest point of a chart, meaning ‘supreme’. There is fraud that Pluto has been showing. There is also other good things to come from this. The 1st Conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto brought a ‘cure’ in Hydroxychloroquine that was ridiculed by the media (Transiting Pluto Opposite the US’s Mercury at 24+ Cancer) AND a stimulus check. Congress is returning to DC right now to finalize another stimulus package.

But the most important energy we need to carry forward here is to apply the leadership philosophy we have developed over the last year. Which leaders are being proactive, optimistic and benevolent? And to express Pluto’s highest vibration (with Jupiter’s help) to act with honesty and integrity. The stock market is likely to be buoyant and investment offered to many. Try to see all the ways this energy gets expressed. In Capricorn, everything is played out in the public realm and with Jupiter it is a global, public realm of authority. So all the world is a stage for reviewing economic styles and leadership styles.

At 12:11am EST Sun at 18:16 Scorpio Trine Neptune Rx at 18:16 Pisces.

A very nice easy energy around clarity of our shared resources and intimacy situations. It can be so easy and flowing that we may not really recognize the things we are seeing. But the Sun does offer us a chance to see through Neptune’s fog and what he is dissolving in our lives. We can also see how we feel about our own honesty and transparency in the ways we merge with others physically and financially.

Neptune is 6 minutes from his Direct Station position of 18:10 on Nov 27. This is his 5th pass to 18+ degrees of Pisces, but moving forward he will go through this degree again. What has been hidden and unseen may be clear today and it will help you to set new intimacy goals: honesty and transparency.

At 4:55pm Mercury Ingresses Scorpio.

Once back in Scorpio, Mercury is going to be talking and communicating around all things deep, taboo and ethical. This will be his 3rd pass of 0:00-11:40 Scorpio and it will be the final word for now. Don’t look for Mercury to bring you higher realms of thought, though, unless he is aspecting a Soulful or Higher-Mind Planet or Point. There is bound to be more suspicion and duality in what we SEE and SAY.

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