Clarity from the Cradle of Merlin – Nov 6

Back on Saturday (Oct 31) I wrote about the Sun’s aspects coming up as the Sun moved through a Cradle of Merlin (4 points to a 5-pointed Star in the chart). Since the Sun Ingressed Scorpio on Oct 22, the Sun has or soon will be aspecting each of the Outer Planets, Soulful Points and Mercury and Mars. That is a LOT of clarity. And Scorpio is the Sign where we are ‘investigators’ and seeing down to the very roots of motivations to manipulate. The Sun is showing us the true ‘ethical’ state of our world in the area where we have 0-15 Scorpio right now. Do you like what you are seeing? Can you SEE how we needed to SEE this in order to create new public authority (Saturn/Capricorn) and financial (Pluto) structures (Saturn) since the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12? The Cradle of Merlin the Sun is moving through is hugely clarifying. Trust it. The Sun ALWAYS shows us our REALITY!

At 3:14am the Sun at 14:33 Scorpio Biquintiles the North Node at 20:33 Gemini.

Saturn just exacted a Biquintile to the North Node early Nov 3rd. Now we are getting deep, down and dirty clarity into powerful machinations (Saturn) operating in our local communities (North Node in Gemini). Sun is showing the ‘shadow side’ (Scorpio) of our reality that many were not able to see before. The Sun has also been Transiting across the degrees of Mercury’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 of his Retrograde cycle: 25:54 Libra to 11:40 Scorpio. Leading up to US Election Day, the Sun was showing us the truth of what Mercury and the news headlines had been saying and revealing any ‘lies’. All this talk of election ‘transparency’ is Pluto/Scorpio’s 5D vibration. SEE IT ALL. Nothing hidden. So our conscious mind (North Node in Gemini) and our headlines are and will be revealing more of the insight we need to bring more transparency to Scorpio areas of life. The Biquintile makes the clarity effortless to see and comprehend. No doubt you will find your neighbors, siblings and classmates discussing this clarity.

At 4:11am Mercury at 26:32 Libra Squares Saturn at 26:32 Capricorn.

Very different energy from the aspect above so there can be some hiccups to the magical clarity and our communication. Mercury IS 3D, a Square IS 3D and Saturn can be Karmic fear. Libra is a very shallow energy that just wants everyone to agree and get along. Not much critical thinking is required, just gotta be nice. Saturn/Capricorn is the most public energy. It is the pinnacle of our shared and seen reality: all out there in the public domain. So our diplomatic or pacifist words are running counter to being accountable in our authority and use of power. Can being nice, or too nice, keep us from not building our foundations in the very best way? This is Mercury’s 3rd Square to Saturn during his current Retrograde cycle: Sep 23 at 25:22 Libra (just before he crossed his Shadow); Nov 1 at 26:16 Libra and Today. As Mercury reviewed his communications in Libra, has he learned anything about how that works with career and public structure objectives? Can we acquiesce too much in Libra style of thought to really create strong foundations? This the major question as we are building all new public structures and need to have better ideas to apply here. Do our relationships with authority-types create alliances that don’t create the best outcome? There is some Karma to look at with this.

At 6:59am the Sun at 14:32 Scorpio Quintiles Saturn at 26:32 Capricorn.

With the Sun offering deep clarity to us in Scorpio, we are getting a better look at the aspect above as well. We can SEE how Libra is a natural Karmic House to Capricorn, which Saturn rules. The energies of these 2 Signs is hard. China is a communist country. And a Libra Sun country. We are learning to discern the truth behind our authority structures and how they align with the ideals we want to create. This Quintile is going to allow us to SEE these things more clearly. Without transparency (Scorpio/Pluto’s highest vibration) we can NOT create sound public structures that truly support us. People’s motivations and manipulations need to be out in the open so we can choose REAL structures moving forward. This aspect is sure to deliver.

And with this aspect separating, the Sun will separate from the rolling Cradle of Merlin.

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