Karma, Wounding & Magical Intimacy – Nov 1/2

Sunday, Nov 1, EST

At 2:06pm Mercury Rx at 26:16 Libra Square Saturn at 26:16 Capricorn.

Well, let’s just say that relating to others and especially authority types will be strained. It doesn’t have to be if you don’t take the 3D bait of buying into the duality and Karma of it. To resolve Karma/Duality, you just need to accept it and see it for the separation consciousness that it is. This is Mercury’s 2nd Square to Saturn during his current Retrograde cycle. He Squared Saturn on Sep 23 at 25:22 Libra/Capricorn respectively. Now he is Retrograde and reviewing things. There is likely to be some revision of things spoken, heard, written at that time.

At 2:55pm Venus at 5:47 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 5:47 Aries.

This is ‘wounding’ aspect but Venus is a Healer and can offer some support to even those in 3D. Though there can be some pain around your relating today, those in 5D know the energy is what it is. Venus rules our smile and Chiron has us insecure and ready to ‘mask up’ as a response to the insecurity. Just watch how others respond to this aspect and offer a healing touch. I watched a video calling ‘Smiling Face’ and how important it is for mom’s to respond to their babies, and all children, with their smile. Has mask-wearing caused some pain in your relationship? Are you both on the same page about the issue? Remember, relationships are Karmic and relating-ships are 5D. Do what you can and move on.

Monday, Nov 2

At 11:08am the Sun at 10:42 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 22:42 Capricorn.

The Sun in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto so there is good clarity around intimacy and shared resources. Are you being honest and transparent? How are you or an intimate, financial-backer using your power over someone who you provide resources for? Well, today the clarity is effortless and you can even see how to secure some assistance by holding to the highest value of Pluto/Scorpio: honesty, transparency. The thing is that the energy will make it so easy for you to accomplish this standard and you will know the 5D expression of Pluto when you are transformed by honesty.

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