Taurus Full Moon Conjunct Uranus Rx – Oct 31

At 10:49am the Moon at 8:38 Taurus Opposes the Sun at 8:38 Scorpio creating the Full Moon in Taurus.

The Moon is just 3 minutes from exacting a Conjunction to Uranus and the Sun is 3 minutes from an Opposition. This will provide some erratic energy to our feelings, but can be inspirational as well. Full Moons are ’emotional peaks’ and across the Taurus/Scorpio axis we are SEEING (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about our intimate and shared resources situations. Our desires, values have been shook up by Uranus, but the Full Moon signals a halfway point from the New Moon at 23:53 Libra on Oct 16. We can see what ‘fresh start’ we had then and how we want to proceed based on our financial status.

The Moon will Conjunct Uranus about 20 minutes after the Full Moon and we can expect some changed feelings and desires to carry us through the next 2 weeks.

This is the final Full Moon before we enter the Eclipse Wormhole at the New Moon at 23:18 Scorpio on Nov 15. The Wormhole begins 2 weeks before the first Eclipse which is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Nov 30 at 8:38 Gemini. This Eclipse will lie exact to the US’s Natal Ascendant/Descendant (8+ Sag/Gem).

At 11:53am the Sun at 8:41 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 8:41 Taurus.

Now we can SEE how our values and desires are affecting and changing our intimate situations. Or we may see new ways to earn our own money so we don’t have to rely on someone else’s resources. We can expect some major revelations to come through clearly. It is also possible that we could receive some charitable assistance in accomplishing our goals to merge our lives with someone or to maintain our own freedom as desired. The Sun is Opposing Uranus after Mercury has done so 2 times now. We may see clearly the status of things that we heard, wrote, or spoke on Oct 7 and 19. In the US we have had some shocking headlines about Hunter Biden’s sex with children (Scorpio is the US’s 5th House). We are nearing the US Presidential Election on Tuesday, Nov 3 and the clarity we receive on Saturday morning may just have us making changes that were unplanned.

At 8:34pm the Sun at 9:03 Scorpio Quintiles Jupiter at 21:03 Capricorn.

By evening we have some magical optimism and clarity around some political or public authority situation. Or we can see how our leadership philosophy applies to intimate and shared resources areas of life. Or an authority could magically offer some assistance to us in meeting our goals or career objectives. We will feel fortunate and benevolent tonight.

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