Interpersonal 3-Way & Unexpected Headlines – Oct 19

At 1:37am Mars Rx at 19:27 Aries Squares Jupiter at 19:27 Capricorn.

Our actions and passionate motivations may be over the top a bit, but we are likely to act on them anyway. We could be pursuing some career objectives, but our actions may not perfectly align with our spiritual philosophy of our use of power and leadership.

At 3:03am Venus at 19:26 Virgo Quincunx Mars Rx at 19:26 Aries.

Now we need to adjust our actions to better suit our desires to be of service. We want to demonstrate our love, but if our actions are too hasty we will need to adjust them.

At 3:35am Venus at 19:27 Virgo Trines Jupiter at 19:27 Capricorn.

It may be hard to detect any adjustment as this aspect will make everything turn out just fine. There is healing and optimism to soothe any angst between the sexes. We are applying our leadership philosophy in the ways we work and serve and it feels right.

At 10:53pm Mercury Rx at 9:09 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 9:09 Taurus.

This is the 2nd Opposition between these 2 Planets. Their 1st Opposition was on Oct 7. Now Mercury is reviewing what was spoken, heard or thought at that time. Your plans are changing. Your ideas and concepts of money, resources and intimacy are all changing. Uranus certainly elevates Mercury’s 3D mind into the realm of 5D if we let it in. Shocking headlines, unexpected communications and news, inspired ideas of how to share intimacy, etc. But it is also very likely to upset the apple cart in some ways. Change is good and will break up any stagnation you have been experiencing around ideas and plans. Mercury is in review and needs to heed the flashes of awareness from Uranus.

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