T-Square of Mars, Sun & Capricorn Stellium & Mercury Stations Retrograde – Oct 13/14

Tuesday, Oct 13, EST

At 7:26pm the Sun at 21:05 Libra Opposes Mars Rx at 21:05 Aries.

Mars Retrograde in his own Sign is reviewing our personal motivations, willpower and stamina. He has recently Squared the Capricorn Stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. A solid testing of his personal motivations against Interpersonal (Jupiter/Saturn) career objectives and use of power (Pluto) his own and other authorities’. The Sun is applying to Square Pluto on Thursday morning. Essentially, the Sun in Libra is creating a rolling T-Square of energy with Mars and the Capricorn Stellium. The Sun in Libra is showing us how we are balancing home/career (Cancer/Capricorn axis) and ourselves in relating-ships with others. Can you keep your relating-ships going all the while dealing with authority and structural transformation? Relationships are Karmic mirrors of ourselves. If you are doing a 5D relating-ship, you have no expectations and no judgments of your friends or significant others. So use the clarity to help you see how you are doing with your career, social status and power structural transformations?

At 9:05pm Mercury Stations Retrograde at 11:40 Scorpio.

As Mercury flips direction, we can be indecisive and hesitate in making decisions around intimacy and shared resources: the Scorpio areas of life. Mercury is our 3D, conscious mind. Alone, without the support of Higher-Mind or Soulful energies, he is the ‘Trickster’ or ‘lying mind’ of Karmic Duality and Separation Consciousness. But as he pulls into his Station, Mercury has some Soulful support by the way of a Biquintile to Chiron that doesn’t exact, but is in orb. That is 5D, Double Magic, Soulful insight to our lower mind. AND Mercury is still in orb of a Quintile to Pluto as well. He will exact his 2nd Quintile to Pluto on Sunday. And Pluto rules Mercury as he Transits through Scorpio. Now Mercury and Pluto create ‘suspicion’ and we get to SEE the shadow side of Mercury’s Duality when they are in a Karmic aspect, especially. However, the Quintile is going to assist Mercury in staying away from too much of this for the time being.

During his 3-week Retrograde cycle, Mercury will return to 25:54 Libra where he will Station Direct on Nov 3 (US Election Day) at 12:50pm. This is likely to create some real tension around that day for the US especially. His Stations bring up indecisiveness. So when they talk about an ‘unclear’ result, that is the energy promised by this Station. Thankfully he will NOT Square Pluto during this Rx cycle, but he will Saturn 2 more times. He will also Oppose Uranus 2 more times and Oppose Black Moon Lillith, newly Ingressed in Taurus once he is Direct. BML in the US 11th House by Sun Sign will hold us to account for equality and justice around all our resources and values.

NOTE: Amazon Prime Days are centered perfectly with Mercury’s Retrograde Station. We can expect to see some items delayed or lost until he is Direct again. Owing to the fact of Absentee Ballots and the like, the USPS is under microscopic surveillance with Mercury in Scorpio. Best to maintain honesty and transparency in ALL shared resources and physical intimacy as well.

Wednesday, Oct 14

At 2:41pm the Sun at 21:52 Libra Trines the North Node at 21:52 Gemini.

This aspect is much easier than the above two. Here our relating-ships goals are working harmoniously with our new sense of community involvement and welfare. We can SEE how our words are affecting our neighbors and maybe find new expressions that allow us all to unify a bit more again.

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