Sun Meets Jupiter & Neptune as they Apply in a Sextile – Oct 10/11

Saturday, Oct 10, EST

At 4:44am Mars Rx at 22:14 Aries Sextiles the North Node at 22:14 Gemini.

Mars is separating from his Square to Pluto and there was a challenge with independence and authority. It could have been an internal battle as well. Did you pursue your own passions or did you submit to the demands of the job or an authority? Mars bristles at the thought of being reigned in but this aspect has him working productively within his community, with siblings and neighbors or along the lines of transportation issues.

At 7:08pm Venus at 9:30 Virgo Trines Uranus Rx at 9:30 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus as he Transits through her Sign for 5 more years. Venus in Virgo wants to serve or be served. She is mindful of keeping track of her assets, but Uranus likes to shake things up. Perhaps you will find some unexpected resources coming your way as you go about being of service. Or some philanthropist may donate to keep you serving others. Or you could just experience some sudden attraction with a co-worker, your manager, a fitness instructor or healthcare worker. Inspiration to earn a living is another possibility.

Sunday, Oct 11

At 9:34am the Sun at 18:42 Libra Squares Jupiter at 18:42 Capricorn.

The Sun is meeting with Jupiter and Neptune over the next 2 hours and Jupiter is applying to Sextile Neptune on Monday morning. So the Sun can shed some light on the expansive, subconscious energy of their aspect. Part 1: You may be finding yourself enjoying some leadership role, but it could be taking time from your primary relating-ships. Would success in your career field change your relating-ship goals? How does your spiritual philosophy align with Libra’s desire for commitment? Close friends are included in this picture as well.

At 11:30am the Sun at 18:46 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 18:42 Pisces.

Part 2: There has been plenty of hidden things coming to the surface of late. Libra energy likes to keep everything copacetic and looking smooth if only on the surface. But Neptune can bring up some subconscious things when we are really hoping they won’t be noticed. The Sun sheds light on the hidden things and your hesitancy to relate to someone and reciprocate their feelings or commitment is going to demand some adjustment be made. Do you see yourself being with this person? Or is there something holding you back? See what you can and adjust yourself accordingly.

At 2:33pm Venus at 10:28 Virgo Ses-Squares Saturn at 25:28 Capricorn.

Venus is still in the weeds working on things right in front of her. Saturn is wrapping up the lessons of the last 2.5 years of his Transit through his own Sign of Capricorn. Our social status, our concept of success and bread-winning has undergone restructuring especially with Saturn’s Conjunction to Pluto. Venus is looking to earn money today, but Saturn has the long-term view of building solid foundations for the next few decades. Virgos like to leave legacies so Venus’ short-term may be able to align with Saturn’s view. Are we being response-able in keeping our long-term focus? There is some adjustment that will create the ease promised by the Ses-Square. Too many Virgo details can make it hard to keep your eye on the ball. So maybe you need to adjust your focus as much as anything.

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