Desires to Serve Get Adjusted & Mars Rx Squares Pluto – Oct 8/9

Thursday, Oct 8, EST

At 11:18am Venus at 6:45 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 6:45 Aries.

Some adjustment required between our service, work, health, fitness and our insecurity or lack of motivation. Venus is healing even in aspect to Chiron so someone at work may reach out and touch you in a way that says they understand you are feeling insecure. Or you may be the one doing the consoling. Its important to note that the insecurity and lack of motivation is real for each of us at any given moment depending on our Natal Charts. We are experiencing how it feels to have Chiron in Aries or the First House Natally. Imagine how hard that can be for them. Learn ways to cope and share it with them.

Friday, Oct 9

At 2:08am Venus at 7:30 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto at 22:30 Capricorn.

Venus is adjusting her service to both Pluto and Mars at the same time! There is an ease that is promised by the 2 Ses-Squares once the adjustment is made. Venus is the nozzle of the energy and Mars is applying to Square Pluto in just a few hours time. Thankfully, maybe Venus can help here. Venus and Pluto rule ‘my money’ and ‘your money that I share with you’ or sensual touch and sexual intimacy. Pluto is calling for transparency at his highest vibration so maintain honesty in touch and sharing. Once you are aware of how to tame Pluto, by honesty, then you can enjoy the merging offered here.

At 3:38am Venus at 7:34 Virgo Ses-Squares Mars Rx at 22:34 Aries.

Now our motivations come into the mix. Mars is reviewing the ways he pursues things. How does he act? He may need to tame his actions here in order to enjoy the companionship or service of Venus. In Virgo, Venus is shy but more than willing to serve. So cool your jets down a tad and you can achieve your desires more easily.

At 6:53am Mercury at 10:30 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 22:30 Capricorn.

Thankfully Mercury is assisting both Venus and Mars as they are applying to Pluto. This is an effortless ability to communicate your passionate drives and ideas of merging resources and physical selves. Your words could close the deal of your Venus need to serve and Mars need to act. To have 3 Personal Planets aspect Pluto within such a short timespan will go a long ways in helping us to understand how to manage Pluto at this time. Mercury rules the conscious/seen realm so your desires can be realized before your eyes here.

At 9:09am Mars Rx at 22:30 Aries Squares Pluto at 22:30 Capricorn.

But keep in mind that pushing too hard or too fast could be more problematic than anticipated. Less action, more service and improved communication are helpful, but coming on too strong can create a confrontation of some sort. If it happens, check yourself, accept it and walk away. It doesn’t pay to escalate this confrontation. It WILL show you something about the way you assert yourself, cherish your personal right to act on your own behalf and also those who are misusing their authority. Mars’ first Square to Pluto occurred on Aug 13 at 23:05 Aries/Capricorn respectively. There is some reoccurence of your actions and motivations at that time. On Oct 19 Mars Rx will Square Jupiter at 19:27 Aries/Capricorn. We are revising whether our actions align with our leadership philosophy of not. Jupiter will be Conjuncting Pluto for the 3rd time on Nov 12 and we will be solidly applying our new leadership principles for the good of all. Today we can see if this Pluto authority fits our leadership philosophy or fails the test. But the test is in how we manage their misuse today.

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