Venus in Virgo Makes of Finger of Merlin – Oct 2/3

Friday, Oct 2, EST

At 9:31am the Sun at 9:49 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 9:49 Taurus.

This was some revelation or inspiration to change up something in your relating-ships. Have your desires been changing and now you see how this is impacting your significant relationships? Did you have a change in your finances that has affected your relationships? There is an adjustment once you see what is changing.

At 4:48pm Venus Ingressed Virgo.

The fun is behind us. Now we desire getting down to work. We will be attentive to our finances and accounting for every penny spent and earned. But we will have a heart for service and a healing touch. Venus is following behind Mercury and the Sun and now we can see the results of our ideas and goals around work, health, fitness, service.

Saturday, Oct 3

At 1:07am Mercury at 6:03 Scorpio Quintiles Jupiter at 18:03 Capricorn.

Magical, effortless communication around finances and intimacy with someone you respect or who has been benevolent to you. You can discuss your leadership styles and all manner of taboo type areas in a philosophical way. Mentors, seniors or those who may you feel lucky could reach out.

At 1:03pm Venus at 0:59 Virgo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 6:59 Aries.

Part 1 of a Finger of Merlin with Venus as the nozzle. Wonderful healing through service. You are unafraid to take off any mask you are wearing, physical or emotional. You can initiate service to others. And your actions are well received.

At 8:42pm Venus at 1:21 Virgo Biquintiles Saturn at 25:21 Capricorn.

And here we have an authority offering recognition for our selfless service and ability to get the job done. Or the way we are managing our resources is well received by a father-like figure. You could reap a bonus of some sort.

At 11:00pm Pluto Rx at 22:29 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 22:29 Gemini.

This aspect has been applying for several days now. As it exacts, we may see something that has been transformed. The NN in Gemini has us focused on local community, neighborhood and classmate situations. Pluto is still showing us the shadow side of authority (governments, banks and corporations). But Pluto’s truest purpose in Capricorn is for each of us to take back our own sovereignty. We need to no longer submit to authority without question. Pluto wants to know everyone’s motivations and to achieve transparency and honesty in our financial and intimate areas of life. We must make an adjustment between these 2 energies right now. Can you identify this aspect in your life?

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