Finger of God, Sun Square Eclipse & Mercury Meets Neptune and Saturn – Sep 22/23

Starting on Monday night, Venus has been rolling through a Finger of God to both Jupiter and Neptune. She Quincunx Jupiter on Monday and Quincunxs Neptune Rx on Wednesday morning. The energy of Jupiter and Neptune is a close Sextile, pours into Venus in Leo. Are you having more fun and romance? Or are you career goals and subconscious hesitation holding you back?

Tuesday, Sep 22, EST, PM

At 6:00pm the Sun at 0:21 Libra Squares the Jun 21 Solar Eclipse degree of 0:21 Cancer.

This marks the midpoint of the last Solar Eclipse and shows us where we are and where we might be going in order to wrap up the ‘Fresh Start’ promised by that Solar Eclipse. The Sun marks reality and real-time so we can SEE what the Eclipse energy was all about and the new goals we have been implementing since the Eclipse.

Wednesday, Sep 23

At 1:00am Black Moon Lillith at 26:51 Aries Conjuncts Mars Rx at 26:51 Aries.

This may be a Wild Card aspect that either you feel or you don’t. Or you act on it or you don’t. If you have this placement Natally, you have incredible physical stamina and can do surprising things (all other aspects aside). As Mars is in review mode, you may get a close-up, x-ray vision look at your motivations right now. See if you can detect this Conjunction even as it is separating.

At 4:05am Mercury at 25:14 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 19:14 Pisces.

Effortless, subconscious ability to relate to someone. The magic removes all barriers and you can express your ideas about a relating-ship to someone. You could dream about a friend or a significant other and feel as though you actually spent time with them. Neptune blurs reality so accept some of the fuzziness of this to your advantage. Not all experiences need to be played out in physical form, that Mercury is that energy. You may find yourself fantasizing about the ideal person and practice talking to them which helps you next time you see them.

At 6:38am Mercury at 25:22 Libra Squares Saturn Rx at 25:22 Capricorn.

As Mercury is applying to the other Karmic Planet, Saturn, so quickly, we may not recognize the magical aspect above. Saturn wants to initiate structures for you and can be a father-like authority that wants to warn you about this relating-ship you are fantasizing about. You may find yourself suddenly not wanting to speak to anyone right now. However, simply be response-able to what Saturn says and seek a deeper, intimate bonding, which is Saturn’s 5D expression. When you want to try to ‘control’ things, instead go deeper into being transparent and response-able.

At 8:45am Venus at 19:14 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 19:14 Pisces.

On Monday night you were adjusting your personal fun and romance to a more global sense of response-ability for others and the necessary structures of your life. Now you need to check any subconscious hesitancy, let go of any fear, and reach out and touch someone to show them you care. Or don’t hesitate to show your creativity and humorous side.

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