Mercury Square Pluto Rx – Sep 21

At 1:21am (EST) Mercury at 22:32 Libra Squares Pluto Rx at 22:32 Capricorn.

Suspicion, separation consciousness, duality and the shadow side of our nature meets in a Karmic Square. Though buying into the 3D/physical side of things is a trap you can avoid. Just know that you may SEE (conscious mind) something that is upsetting coming from a significant other that you are intimate with or a financial benefactor. Or you may say something that demonstrates that you are at odds with someone. Remember that ALL relationships are mirror images so accept whatever you see as just a reflection of the 3D energy. Nothing more, nothing less.

But this is some of the ways Mercury and a Karmic Square can trip you up. But it is fast-moving and won’t be around too long. Thankfully Mercury only makes one Square to Pluto as Mercury’s Retrograde cycle will be from 11:40 Scorpio (Oct 13) back to 25:53 Libra (Nov 3). Yes, you read that right! Mercury will Station Direct at 12:49pm (EST) on the US’s Election Day. Pluto is already Opposite the US’s Natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer so this should just ramp up some of the suspicion and double-mindedness as his Stations are always kind of unsettling for many anyways.

Mercury WILL Square Saturn; Oppose Mars and Oppose Uranus each 3x’s. We are less likely to be Libra-style agreeable with these aspects in orb. And there will be some unexpected headlines coming out when Mercury Opposes Uranus.

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