Sun Quincunx Mars Rx – Sep 19

At 5:55pm the Sun at 27:24 Virgo Quincunx Mars Rx at 27:24 Aries.

We have just had the New Moon in Virgo and are clear on our work/health/service goals for the next month. But Mars has us reviewing the way we assert ourselves, the actions we take, our motivations and willpower. There is some adjustment that needs to be made between these 2 energies. Do you really have all the energy you need to complete your ‘to-do’ list? Are you ready to do everything yourself? Will you martyr yourself to get these things completed? Or will you adjust the list to better fit your abilities to act? Will you consider that you are not quite as motivated as usual and adjust your goals?

There are no further, or major aspects, between now and shortly after midnight on Monday when Mercury Squares Pluto Rx. So consider how your motivations are being revised by Mars while you have the time to more fully absorb the energies he is reviewing. We have all been a bit less motivated with Chiron Transiting through Aries. We are insecure from time to time and we are less likely to assert ourselves. Or if we do, there is some pain that comes with it. Mars is going to help us find how to motivate regardless. But he is challenging Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter as he does so. Its a lot of energy helping us review our motivations. So see how Mars’ Retrograde in Aries needs you to adjust your task list around work, health, fitness and service. Do you need to conserve in order to accomplish your highest priorities?

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