Magic, Ease & Irritation – Sep 14/15

Monday, Sep 14, EST

At 4:49am the Sun at 22:00 Virgo Biquintiles Mars Rx at 28:00 Aries.

It may be hard to stay in bed with this aspect. You could find yourself getting up out and bed and seeing what you can do to help someone out. Or you could see how great it feels to get up early and decide to do more of it. This is effortless or magical clarity around daily tasks and asserting yourself. See how it plays out for you.

At 7:09pm the Sun at 22:35 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 22:35 Capricorn.

This is easy energy in managing daily tasks, work, health, fitness and keeping everything within response-able bounds to a financial backer or intimate partner. You can find ways to serve your backer’s social status. Or if you are both Sun and Pluto in this aspect, your new daily routine could help you to easily secure some investment or social status. Pluto was at this degree last Jan 6 so there may be something you can see clearly from that time. It could be expressed through health or work situations.

Tuesday, Sep 15

At 2:50am Venus at 9:54 Leo Semi-Squares the North Node at 24:54 Gemini.

How can our desire for fun and romance maybe irritate something in our neighborhood. Like are you flirting with someone a sibling is attracted to as well? Or do you need transportation to go have some fun, but you don’t have a car at the moment? You get the idea. Minor, but irritating for sure.

At 11:29am Venus at 10:18 Leo Squares Uranus Rx at 10:18 Taurus.

This aspect is a big more electrifying even if it is challenging. Venus rules Uranus Transiting through her Sign. Unexpected desires. Shocking and bizarre ideas around beauty. You may find yourself at first repulsed by someone, but then you find yourself drawn to them as well. The Square makes it less ‘nice’, but it can shake you up for sure. There is no doubt we are seeing all kinds of new weird attractions and ideas of beauty lately. It could be hard to feel your usual mojo working for the person who is attracted to you. Of course this could all have to do with money as well. Maybe someone offers you some resources, but you are not sure you can trust (a Venus thing) them or if you should accept them.

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