Mars Retrogrades, Quarter Moon & No Response – Sep 9/10

At 12:04pm the Sun at 17:26 Virgo Trines Jupiter Rx at 17:26 Capricorn.

An easy clarifying, adventurous day of work or service to our spiritual leaders or our own career objectives. We can see how our leadership philosophy is improving our workplace and how managers are fulfilling a higher purpose by serving their employees. Good routines abound.

At 6:22pm Mars Stations Retrograde at 28:09 Aries.

Mars has been moving a bit slower the last few days and will finally change direction. We will now be reviewing our motivations, our actions and the way we assert ourselves from now until Mars Stations Direct on Nov 13 at 15:14 Aries. This means Mars will repeat the order of his recent Squares to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Look for ways you instinctively change some of your instinctual actions to see how this review is going. The Squares put ourselves at odds with those who have some power or authority. See how you are acting differently now.

Thursday, Sep 10, 10

At 5:26am the Moon at 18:08 Gemini Squares the Sun at 18:08 Virgo creating the Waning Quarter Moon.

Just a good time to communicate your feelings about work, health, service issues. Or you can intuit your plans for work as we prepare for the New Moon in Virgo on Sep 17 at 25:01 Virgo. How are you feeling about things since the Full Moon at 10:12 Pisces on Sep 2?

At 7:53am Venus at 4:35 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 19:35 Pisces.

Our desires for fun and romance need to be adjusted to our subconscious hesitancy in order to create an ease. Girls just want to have fun, but there is some subconscious thing holding you back from being approachable. See what it is, adjust yourself and the ease will be there. It can be that you are worried about having enough money for all your fun. That can be easy to adjust when you remember the Universe is bigger than your fear.

At 6:24pm Mercury at 7:59 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 7:59 Aries.

Some hurtful words can cut deeply right now. Maybe someone is reciprocating to your communications. Or maybe you are feeling too insecure to respond to someone’s communication. A lack of motivation could be at play. Or your mask could mean someone doesn’t hear your correctly and there is a misunderstanding. It is what it is. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me…. all you learned in Kindergarten.

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