Magical Inspiration Expressed – Sep 8

At 11:12am (EST) Mercury at 4:27 Libra Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 10:27 Taurus.

What a way to jump back into the week! Magical inspiration from Uranus centers around our desires and our available resources. Uranus can be unexpected charity or new ways to acquire what you need. Mercury is going to express these ideas to your closest friends or significant other. You may find that you desire a relating-ship with someone you hadn’t expected. Or you may have a flash of desire that surprises you but is well-received from someone you thought of as a friend.

There are many ways this can play out. Look to the Houses you have involved to SEE you have a sudden desire to relate to. Or you may reach out and touch them while telling them how much you enjoy your relationship with them. But look for great new ways express your ideas or ways to acquire resources. There is revelation on hand that can deliver exactly what you need and want.

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