Mercury Enters Libra & Venus Enters Leo – Sep 5/6

Saturday, Sep 5, EST

At 3:46pm Mercury Ingresses Libra.

We move from looking at work, health and fitness issues to planning with friends, business partners and significant others. From service to reciprocity our conscious focus has shifted. Mercury will remain in Libra until Sep 27, but he will return again during his upcoming Retrograde cycle from Oct 27 through Nov 10. Mercury will Station Direct at 12:49pm on Nov 3, Election Day in the USA. Its going to be a topsy-turvy kind of a day. But Libra will require some balance and friendliness, right?

During his Transit through Libra, Mercury will aspect Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, North Node, Saturn and Mars in roughly that order. But he makes A LOT of aspects from this Sign. Expect headlines to be all over the place (even more than recently) and to be revising some relationships in light of what occurs.

Sunday, Sep 6

At 3:21am Venus Ingresses Leo.

Now we go from desiring to stay home to get out and about for romance, fun and entertainment, and activities with children or creative outlets. From home-body to beautiful star of the show, Venus will dazzle in Leo, but spread some love as well. Venus will stay in Leo until Oct 2 when she Ingresses Virgo.

From Leo, Venus will remain out of the fray of all the very harsh energies so that will assist us in enjoying ourselves in the area of our lives where we have Leo in our Natal Charts.

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