Soulful Adjustment, then Magic – Aug 31

At 4:54am the Sun at 8:25 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 8:25 Aries.

The first 2 aspects today involve the Sun and occur simultaneously making the Soulful adjustment of this aspect less hard while bringing in effortless Soulful clarity with the North Node. Whenever we have Sun and Chiron meeting, gratitude is the best answer. When we can see how our human infallibility actually allows us this Soulful experience, the gratitude comes easy. Virgo wants to serve and pays attention to the details around health, fitness, work, etc. Chiron in Aries is a lack of motivation and insecurity. When we realize someone, or ourselves, are feeling insecure, we can better adjust our service to truly be effective.

At 7:54am the Sun at 8:31 Virgo Quintiles the North Node at 26:32 Gemini.

Now we have the effortless, magical part. We are able to express our goals in the areas of service, volunteering work, health, fitness and daily activities. We can express ourselves to siblings, cousins, neighbors and classmates and our vitality is strengthened by their words or ours.

At 1:48pm Mercury at 21:32 Virgo Biquintiles Mars at 27:32 Aries.

Do you already have plans for this afternoon? Are you surprised now that they will be so magical? Because our daily plans and our motivations are magically aligned. Look to the Houses where you have these 2 Planets Transiting to see WHO will be part of this magical energy this afternoon. Your actions will speak volumes today.

An example is that an acquaintance (Mercury and Mars are in both 11th House placements and 6th House/Virgo placements in my Natal Chart) that I have done numerous Astrology Readings (11th House) for just got to town. I need someone to drive (Mercury) me home from a medical appointment (Virgo) and thought we could do lunch (looking for some nice healthy food/Virgo) and this would give us time to catch up. She was happy to help (Virgo) me out with this. Thank you, Sunshine (no doubt the Sun’s Biquintile to the NN is still at play here too), but that is her name!!

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