Irritation & Easy Philosophical Expression – Aug 28/29

Friday, Aug 28, EST

At 7:46pm the Sun at 6:07 Virgo Semi-Squares Venus at 21:07 Cancer.

What we see tonight might chafe a bit, but it will help us to clarify our goals and values. You want to stay in the safe cocoon of home, but you can see where you are needed at work or in service in some way.

Saturday, Aug 29

At 9:28am Mercury at 17:44 Virgo Trines Jupiter Rx at 17:44 Capricorn.

This energy will help us through any angst from last night. We are likely to express ourselves easily and in philosophical, spiritual ways. We see where service and volunteerism is needed as we choose better leaders in our circles of public authority. You may publish your ideas in some way and this is how you are of service. You will not be afraid to express yourself as there is benevolence and optimism at play.

In Virgo, Mercury is very detail-oriented. Jupiter likes to rise above the details and show us something that merges duality into a beautiful dance.

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