Finger of Merlin & Sun Enters Virgo – Aug 21/22

Friday, Aug 21, EST

At 4:15am Mercury at 2:30 Virgo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 26:30 Capricorn.

This aspect is Part 1 of a Finger of Merlin between Saturn, Chiron and Mercury. On Aug 12, Saturn Quintiled Chiron and Mercury is moving through this Quintile today and operating as the nozzle of a Finger of Merlin. The energy is pouring into Mercury in Virgo where Mercury has us planning our daily schedule and thinking about work and health issues. Saturn Rx is back in close proximity to Pluto and we are still feeling some restriction around career success and social status. But for today, we have some effortless mental energy to make work and career plans and find some ways forward in the workplace, in health or in service to others.

At 7:22am Mercury at 2:45 Virgo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 8:45 Aries.

Part 2 of the Finger of Merlin may have some of us questioning WHY we are wearing a mask? Chiron in Aries is insecurity and those who Chiron is hitting hard are very comfortable hiding behind a mask, Its a nice way to cover their insecurity because it makes it hard to identify someone. Mercury in Virgo is now focused on health and work. Today workers could be effortlessly expressing their ideas about masks and/or lack of motivation. But they may arrive at solutions that are better for workers and better for health. With Saturn involved in this Finger of Merlin, someone in authority may be supportive of employees and their health.

The Sun will move through this Finger of Merlin on Monday and that will be clarifying about our restrictions and our insecurities in our daily routine, work and health.

At 8:45am the Sun at 28:55 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 22:55 Capricorn.

Mercury made this aspect on Wednesday morning and now we are seeing more clearly things said or written at that time. Our work goals are effortlessly supported by a benefactor or someone in authority.

At 12:44pm Mercury at 3:11 Virgo Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 18:11 Capricorn.

An adjustment creates an ease between our work/health/service plans and our leadership/career philosophy. We may express ourselves to a co-worker or healthcare professional, but what they say may cause us to adjust our ideas and we really appreciate them speaking up. We appreciate an exchange of ideas today as it is helping each of us to tweak our own philosophy and seek the higher road, to be more benevolent in how we approach things. We can realize that we are each part of the problem, but finding a solution is the highest outcome today.

Saturday, Aug 22

At 11:45am the Sun Ingresses Virgo.

Now with both Mercury and the Sun in Virgo, we are finally likely to see our healthcare workers weighing in on the real health outcomes of our use of masks and social distancing. We will likely share more of our own ideas of how we should manage our daily activities to increase productivity and improve our health practices. Matters dealing with food production is likely to become front and center. Its time to get productive, back to work, back to school, plan our services and consider systems that need to be supported to keep our lives supported.

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