Mercury Meets Saturn, NN & Pluto & the Leo New Moon – Aug 18/19

Tuesday, Aug 18, EST

At 5:17am Mercury at 26:41 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 26:41 Capricorn.

You may be romancing someone with your words to planning a romantic get-away, but Saturn is going to cause you to reign in your ideas and limit what you actually want to say. Better to wait until tomorrow when Mercury Biquintiles Pluto, there is likely to be more success.

At 3:01pm Mercury at 27:29 Leo Sextiles the North Node at 27:29 Gemini.

The North Node is in orb of a Quincunx to Saturn so Mercury is moving through a Finger of God (YOD) with the nozzle of the 2 Quincunx being Saturn Rx. The Sextile from the North Node in Mercury’s own Sign is helping him to arrive at words and plans that could satisfy Saturn’s sense of response-ability. Saturn’s 5D expression is deep, intimate bonding so be sure your words are more than playful and that you truly mean them.

At 3:28pm Venus at 10:42 Cancer Sextiles Uranus Rx at 10:42 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus as he Transits her Sign so there is much about women, desires, beauty and resources in this aspect. You could have some unexpected resources available for home or family. Or someone may donate something to your family or you to them. You could make some unexpected changes to your home or realize that your fixed ideas and values need some revising to improve family relations.

At 10:42pm the Moon at 26:35 Leo Conjuncts the Sun at 26:35 Leo creating the Annual New Moon in Leo.

We have been clear about our Leo-area goals and purpose for over 3 weeks now, but we are finally getting to the Annual ‘fresh start’ in this Sign. You will SEE (Sun) how you FEEL (Moon) about the fun you are having, romantic feelings for someone, feel about situations involving children and entertainment options. The next month will be about Leo, but the Full Moon will merge some of Virgo’s energies with Leo’s for the next 4 weeks. Fun and health; romance and work; children and co-workers can make for strange partners, but its all a part of the ‘back-to-school’ focus of this time of year. And the ‘mask’ issue for kids at school is a prime example of the incongruity of these energies.

At 11:48pm the Sun at 26:38 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 26:48 Capricorn.

Now we need to adjust our creative/romantic/fun goals to satisfy someone who has some power over us, is a bread-winner for us or affects our social status. You will SEE how you need to adjust yourself.

Wednesday, Aug 19, AM

At 8:50am Mercury at 28:58 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 22:58 Capricorn.

This energy could take your romantic interests into a deeper connection helping to merge with another physically or financially. There is some effortless fun to be had or at least expressed. You could enjoy some ease with those who are your financial benefactors too by using a bit of humor in your communications with them today.

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