Magic & Mars Square Pluto – Aug 12/13

At 3:44am Mercury at 14:20 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 20:20 Pisces.

This is an effortless energy around your plans, ideas and communication for fun, romance, creative ventures and children. You will be able to enjoy yourself without any hesitation.

At 10:32am the Sun at 20:20 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 20:20 Pisces.

Here whatever clarity you have around Leo areas (fun, romance, creativity, entertainment and children) needs to be adjusted to feel to some subconscious fear or worry in the back of your mind.

At 6:43pm Venus at 4:58 Cancer Quintiles Mars at 22:58 Aries.

If you need some help avoiding some confrontation from the applying Square of Mars to Pluto Rx, this aspect could do us a real favor. Venus in Cancer is using some nurturing and loving touch to slow down Mar’s anger or aggression and the results can be magical.

At 11:48pm Saturn Rx at 27:00 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron Rx at 9:00 Aries.

This can be a helpful energy between where we feel a bit restricted in our social status and our insecurity in asserting ourselves. If you have felt that you really need to wear a mask because you are worried about someone calling you out for NOT doing so, you might both have a nice energy for just allowing things to unfold without stepping on anyone else’s motivations.

At 3:14am Mars at 23:05 Aries Squares Pluto Rx at 23:05 Capricorn.

This aspect will be strongly felt all day as these 2 apply in this Square. The 2 Quintiles above can help us in some ways, but there is likely still someone who is playing Pluto in your life right now and it will be helpful to keep any anger in check. Thankfully Mars is in Aries so this is likely to be Personal, but with Pluto in the most public of Signs, Capricorn, the aggression could erupt in circles of power and authority as well. This could be individuals fighting against an authority’s misuse of power and authority.

Mars and Pluto aspect can create ‘war-like’ energy so do your best to stay civil and if you MOVE strongly and forcefully, try to avoid doing so in that Pluto entities’ face.

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