Vesta Enters Leo & Quarter Moon – Aug 11

At 2:34am the Sun at 19:03 Leo Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 19:03 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of the Sun creating a Finger of God with Jupiter Rx and Neptune Rx. Tomorrow the Sun will exact the Quincunx to Neptune Rx. We are getting clear about our goals for fun, romance and children in light of our subconscious adjustment and our leadership philosophy. Do you feel optimistic about the idea of having fun? What structures can be initiated to ensure there is time for fun?

At 7:15am Vesta Ingresses Leo.

To help with our goals for fun, Vesta in Leo will be offering us more entertainers, more romance partners or more children to have fun with. Where Vesta Transits shows us the types of people we can feel comfortable with and offer opportunities to be with this group.

At 12:45pm the Moon at 19:26 Taurus Squares the Sun at 19:26 Leo creating the Waning Quarter Moon.

We will see how we FEEL about the use of our own resources in pursuit of our fun, romance, creative ventures or fun with children.

At 8:44am Mercury at 12:43 Leo Semi-Squares the North Node at 27:43 Gemini.

As we express our plans for fun, we may irritate someone else. Its not a big deal, but can take some of the fun out of our plans. There are many not really ready to enjoy themselves right now as they worry about other things (NN in Gemini). Mercury/Gemini are the worry warts anyway. This aspect is just about remembering your worry over having some fun.

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