Mercury in Soul Awareness, FOG/YOD, Mars applies to Square Pluto & Saturn – Aug 9/10

Sunday, Aug 9, EST

At 2:02pm Mercury at 9:05 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 9:05 Aries.

This is a nice aspect that could make fun of our insecurity in a nice way or could suggest more fun and romance so that we feel less insecure. Children could be the ones bringing us some playful expression and causing us to forget our lack of motivation or fear of asserting ourselves.

Monday, Aug 10

At 8:52am Mercury at 10:41 Leo Squares Uranus at 10:41 Taurus.

This is the other half of a Soul Awareness type energy for Mercury in Leo as he moves through these aspects to Chiron (Soul) and now Uranus (awareness). Mercury and Uranus create unexpected, bizarre, erratic communication and expression. Some ideas can pop out of your mouth so fast that you can’t stop them. Uranus is now at the exact position of his impending Retrograde Station which occurs on Aug 15. Uranus in Taurus is unexpected resources, beauty, or values. Mercury in Leo is trying to plan some fun and romance. The Square can make it a bit hard to swallow whatever gets expressed. But Uranus sanitizes as he forces change on us so even if it stings for a second, it is exactly the right thing you needed to say or hear.


Finger of God over the next few days.

Over the next few days, the Sun at 19-20 Leo forms a Finger of God (Yod) and is the nozzle of the energy with a Quincunx to Jupiter Rx at 19+ Capricorn and Neptune Rx at 20+ Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune have already exacted their Sextile, but these are 2 Higher-Minded Planets and can be hard to quantify their energies together. So in moves the Sun to offer some clarity from the position of fun, romance, creativity and children. How is your leadership philosophy and your subconscious mind working together to help you see the purpose in using laughter and fun to keep a balance in life? Can you be more creative when you are applying your spiritual philosophy and opening to the great collective unconscious? Without a doubt.

Mars Applying to Square Pluto and Saturn

Mars will exact his Square to Pluto on Thursday, Aug 13 at 3:14am so we are likely to experience most of the energy on Wednesday night. This can be some confrontational energy here that you are going to need to be mindful of. Mars is in his own Sign of Aries and feeling aggressive. Pluto, as we know, can be the challenging ‘a-hole’ who is misusing their authority and forcing us to take back our personal sovereignty. We need to STOP being SHEEP as all the memes say. Chiron in Aries has been making many respond to authority in a sheepish way. But Mars is having NONE of it right now. Depending on the Houses where this energy hits you will determine WHO is involved. But for ALL of us it is a direct challenge between our personal motivations and someone holding the purse strings or the power. If you are being asked to do something at home, in your job, workplace, school, career, romance, financial situations, etc., you can express the highest form of Pluto by standing in integrity and walking fearlessly away from the corruption of a Pluto entity. This may be the time when you do so. Or you may just start a fight with someone that is going to fester through Mar’s Retrograde cycle. But remember, when you are DONE being afraid of Pluto, he has NO MORE power over you. Let this be the time. Or you will learn it throughout his Retrograde cycle.

Mars will Square Saturn on Aug 24 but he is well within orb of his Square to both almost at the same time. Be response-able in all your public dealings. But stand your ground.

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