Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug 3

At 11:59am the Moon at 11:46 Aquarius Opposes the Sun at 11:46 Leo creating the annual Full Moon in Aquarius.

The New Moon that preceded this Full Moon was in Cancer so there is a mixture of Cancer and Aquarius issues going on in this monthly cycle. The New Moon in Cancer was a ‘fresh start’ around mom, home, family and land that affects us for a month (or until the next New Moon). Now we are halfway through this Sun/Moon cycle, but it lands in Aquarius/Leo so the contrast and midpoint has more to do with the social network, electrical current/electricity/online enterprises and how that is contrasting with our fun, romance and children. How do you FEEL about the progress you are making since the New Moon? That is the question all Full Moons ask us.

This New Moon occurs in the US’s 8th House of shared resources, taxes, debt, loans, etc. We may have some unexpected feelings around charity, philanthropy, electrical transfer of resources, etc.

At 5:00pm Mercury at 27:38 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 27:38 Capricorn.

Cancer is already secretive enough for Mercury, but now Saturn seems to be restricting his thoughts, ideas and feelings and he is looking more at career and social status issues than home for the moment. He may be afraid to express himself or he is feeling oppressed by someone or something who has some perceived power over him. But there is something to be seen in the contrast of home and career.

NOTE: Saturn is nearing 27:33, the exact position of the US’s Natal Pluto. This is Saturn’s 2nd pass to our Pluto and we are looking to rebuild and transform our public structures as well as the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12 that occurred at 22:47 Capricorn. With the Opposition to Mercury above, we are likely to hear today or Tuesday about the 2nd Stimulus check that may demonstrate a larger restructuring of the US’s shared resources and available resources (Pluto in 2nd House by Rising Sign).

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