Personal Clarity & Expessions – Aug 2

At 7:19am the Sun at 10:38 Leo Squares Uranus at 10:38 Taurus.

Some challenging, unexpected clarity. You may be having fun but suddenly realize its costing you a lot of money. Or you are shocked by something you never found fun before but do now. Or you have some inspiring artistic pictures pop into your awareness. Or someone jokes about the way you look and you are surprised that it was true and it didn’t bother you.

At 1:16pm Venus at 25:38 Leo Semi-Squares Uranus at 25:42 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus as he Transits her Sign. So there is plenty of beauty or values involved with this aspect and maybe a little irritation. Uranus’ irritation is like pulling a band-aid off so fast that it doesn’t really hurt. So if someone expressing what they value and it isn’t your cup of tea, you may be surprised and then find yourself considering it too. Or you have some unexpected resources that become available but you aren’t sure you should accept them, but you do anyway and it feels right.

At 3:26pm Mercury at 25:42 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Venus at 25:42 Gemini.

Mercury rules Venus Transiting through his Sign so there is plenty of ideas and communication possible. This is a more productive aspect, but Mercury in Cancer can be more secretive about sharing their values and ideas. Venus can help a bit here and things will be said that feel loving and beautiful.

Tomorrow is the Full Moon at 11:46 Aquarius at 11:59am.

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