Mercury Meets Uranus & Pluto – Jul 31/Aug 1

At 8:20pm Mercury at 22:36 Cancer Quintiled Uranus at 10:36 Taurus.

There may have been some unexpected conversations at this time. Or some woman who presented some surprising or shocking ideas. Flashes of insight into beauty or breasts could have come up as well.

At 9:15 the Sun at 9:16 Leo Trined Chiron Rx at 9:16 Aries.

Nice easy aspect that helped us to embrace some insecurity we might be feeling or lack of motivation. We might have seen some benefits to our reluctance to have some fun as it might not be the kind of thing we needed right now.

At 6:52am Mercury at 23:20 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 23:20 Capricorn.

Mercury is approaching the US’s Natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer so we are a bit weary of this duality/suspicion-causing aspect. With this energy you can see 2 sides of the coin or the ‘good and bad’ of political agendas, plans around home and land and use of power in both arenas. There is a contrast or some other side you haven’t seen that you need to see now.

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