3-Way: Venus, Jupiter Rx & Neptune Rx – Jul 27/28

Monday, Jul 27, EST

At 8:32am the Moon at 4:56 Scorpio Squares the Sun at 4:56 Leo creating the Waxing Quarter Moon.

The Sun in Leo has us setting more goals for fun, entertainment, creativity and children. The Moon in Scorpio is about Fixed Emotions around intimacy, shared resources and use of other peoples’ money. You can SEE (Sun) how you FEEL (Moon) about available money for your Leo endeavors.

At 12:07pm Jupiter Rx at 20:39 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune Rx at 20:39 Pisces.

This is the 2nd of 3 Sextiles: Feb 20 at 17:45; Today and Oct 12 at 18:45. This is a productive energy between our higher consciousness and preferred leadership styles and our subconscious mind and Karmic fears. Our optimism is well founded with Neptune supporting it.

At 1:36pm Venus at 20:39 Gemini Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 20:39 Capricorn.

This is Part 2 of a 3-way with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Here we need to adjust our communication desires to align with our optimism, leadership styles and spiritual philosophies. Can you express your values and see where they may need to be tweaked a bit to match your higher consciousness perspective?

At 1:48pm Venus at 20:39 Gemini Squares Neptune Rx at 20:39 Pisces.

Part 3 is not as easy as Part 1 or 2. This Square can have us feeling some ‘lack’ in our beauty, resources, earned income, values and within our neighborhood or local community. It could mean you are disappointed in some way around your car or transportation issues. Venus Square Neptune can show a subconscious fear of touch and those in 3D can experience an STD. But its not REAL… it is expression of your fear at that time. You may not want to get close to someone today.

At 5:46pm Mercury at 16:20 Cancer Squares Mars at 16:20 Aries.

Mars is now in Phase 1, Shadow Phase, of his Retrograde cycle in Aries. Mars will make 3 passes of 15:14 to 28::08 Aries. This means he will make 3 Squares to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This can bring up some tense situations from the Mar 20-30 timeframe when he was Conjunct these 3 Planets. But for today, it is only Mercury he is Squaring. Mercury in Cancer likes to keep their thoughts and feelings under lock and key. Mars will be initiating some action to communicate and this will cause the Karmic Square as our actions don’t sit too well with Mercury at the moment. Don’t push a Cancer too hard or you can get some very dramatic responses you hadn’t anticipated.

Tuesday, Jul 28

At 2:20am the Sun at 5:38 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 20:38 Pisces.

Now maybe we can see more about our subconscious hesitation to touch yesterday and make an adjustment so that we can have more fun and romance regardless. Neptune is dissolving something and the Sun can help us to see what he is removing from our lives.

At 5:44am Mars at 16:35 Aries Quintiles the North Node at 28:35 Gemini.

The North Node in Gemini is bringing up Soulful Lessons around our local community, early childhood learning, local transportation, our conscious mind and communication. As Mars makes an effortless aspect to the NN, he is also Tridecile to the South Node which brings mental growth and unfoldment of the Soulful ideas of Sagittarius: people are leaving the cities, global situations and foreign entities and dealings are being left in favor of local focus. But today our actions will work magically with the NN in Gemini… keep in local, keep it simple and communicate.

At 9:45am Venus at 21:19 Gemini Quintiles Chiron Rx at 9:19 Aries.

We may have the chance to offer some healing around our fears of touch from yesterday. Take the time to reach out to someone you need some healing with. Your words will heal, your touch and your beauty will offer some solace to someone who is feeling insecure and that will boost your confidence as well.

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