Chiron Retrogrades, Mercury Goes Direct & the Quarter Moon in Aries – Jul 10/12

Friday, Jul 10, EST

At 2:37pm Venus at 9:26 Gemini Sextiled Chiron at 9:26 Aries.

Chiron is on his Retrograde Station, but won’t exact it until 5:09pm on Saturday so we were getting healing communication at that time around our insecurity or lack of motivation. Do you recall what occurred?

Saturday, Jul 11

At 5:09pm Chiron at 9:26pm Aries Stations Retrograde.

Finally, we may see some REAL review around the ‘mask wearing’ issue that is predominating the news in the US (Transiting Pluto Opposite US’s Natal Mercury and Chiron Transiting our 10th House by Sun Sign) and/or the changes we adapted to this Spring. We will be reviewing why we are less motivated, more insecure and unable to boldly assert ourselves from time-to-time which is all part of the Chiron wounding in Aries. It has brought up pain around initiating action with the people of the House where you have 9+ Aries in your Natal Chart. Who is triggering your pain right now? You will be looking at that again as Chiron Retrogrades back to 4:56 Aries on Dec 15. Lots of review time. With no other really major aspects today, Chiron has our full attention as he shifts direction.

Sunday, Jul 12

At 3:12am Venus at 10:13 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 10:13 Taurus.

A minor, but helpful aspect. Venus rules Uranus in her Sign of Taurus so there are personal resources, personal values, women, beauty and desires flashes of insight and inspiration available with this. You may not sleep that well if you are receiving these flashes, but it will be useful moving forward.

At 4:26am Mercury at 5:30 Cancer Stations Direct.

A very welcome shift in direction of our conscious mind. There is so much other stuff going on right that having our conscious minds’ plans and communications sorted out will be a helpful thing. We can begin to finalize plans around mom, home, family and land that the Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse brought changes to. It will be easier to move forward with the Eclipse energy and so is a welcome shift. It never wise to buy too much into Mercury Rx, but we don’t hear from the right people with final plans until he is. So now we have that moving in a usually preferable direction.

At 2:43pm the Sun at 20:51 Cancer Trines Neptune at 20:51 Pisces.

A very nice aspect that creates ease between our reality and our subconscious mind. Things flow… things around home, family, mom and land issues. So now with Mercury Direct, we really have the added benefit of our conscious mind able to play better role with our clarity and subconscious in ease. Next week Mercury will move through a Tridecile to Neptune and that’s when we may start to hear more about our plans and things will begin to smooth out as Mercury applies to Trine Neptune on Jul 30 at the same time he is Opposing Jupiter. So that will be an ease time for our Eclipse plans to be realized and to ‘feel right’ for the most part.

At 7:29pm the Moon at 21:03 Aries Squares the Sun at 21:03 Cancer.

This is the Waning Square of the Sun/Moon cycle. The midpoint between the Lunar Eclipse of Jul 5 and the New Moon in Cancer on Jul 20 at 28:27 Cancer. Tonight we can see how we feel about our own motivations around mom, home, family and land. How are we dealing with the Full Moon Eclipse and wrapping up what was likely shut down in our lives through that Eclipse. That Eclipse was across the axis of mom/home and dad/career. So we are moving through the changes and endings. See if you can get clear about your feelings with that ending. On Jul 20 we will be out of the Eclipse Wormhole and start a new monthly cycle of mom, home, family and land. So if you feel like you have really been waiting for this fresh start since the Solar Eclipse, the rest of the energy will finally fall into place at the New Moon.

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