Mars Quintiles Jupiter Rx – Jul 6

Well we have completed the 3rd Eclipse of this cycle and at the New Moon at 28:27 Cancer on Jul 20 we will leave the RAPID CHANGE of the Eclipse Wormhole and we can settle into slower pace of life. We have 5 Planets in Retrograde motion right now: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. On Saturday, Chiron will Station Retrograde at 9:26 Aries. On Sunday, Mercury Stations Direct at 5:30 Cancer.

At 7:40pm (EST) Mars at 5:17 Aries Quintiles Jupiter Rx at 23:17 Capricorn.

This puts Mars already in aspect of a Quintile to Pluto Rx as well so this is a very nice energy: effortless, expansive motivation. We can act on our philosophy of sound leadership styles or we can be motivated to pursue career goals with optimism. There could be a mentor to help us find our path forward. We must learn to ACT and APPLY our spiritual philosophy.

With Jupiter just separating from his 2nd Conjunction to Pluto, we may find some shared resources available to help us secure a career goal or help us to establish some bread-winning opportunities that motivate us to achieve more. Or you are getting a go-ahead from authority-types for your own actions.

We need to use this aspect for all it is worth now because Jupiter won’t return to Quintile these 2 during his Retrograde cycle but he will Square them 3 times. So maximize the upside of the Quintile for all it is worth. Seize the day (or really the next couple of days) for making progress on your personal motivations.

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