Lunar Eclipse at 13:38 Capricorn – Jul 5

At 12:44am the Moon at 13:38 Capricorn Opposes the Sun at 13:38 Cancer creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This is the 3rd Eclipse in this Eclipse cycle which started with a Lunar Eclipse at 15:34 Sagittarius on Jun 5; a Solar Eclipse at 0:21 Cancer on Jun 21 and now this Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses are not as powerful for change as a Solar Eclipse nor does their energy last as long. However, they shut something down in our lives in order to make way for the FRESH START of a Solar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are emotional resets. At the exactness of the Eclipse, you can clearly SEE how your FEEL about something and let it go. If you are waiting to get over someone, this may be the time. If you are hanging onto a job you hate, this is a great time to go with the energy, give your 2 weeks notice and trust there is something up ahead. As this Eclipse followed the Solar Eclipse, you likely KNOW what the new job/person/or situation is and now you can finalize the ending of what you are leaving behind.

So watch closely near the exactness of this Eclipse and you will SEE how the Universe helps you move on emotionally.

A Lunar Eclipse across the Capricorn/Cancer axis shows all of us something about how we are balancing home and career. With all of the lockdowns going on and unemployment, this Eclipse is going to help people make a decision to STAY HOME or GET BACK TO WORK. They now KNOW which place they belong moving forward. Many jobs can be done from home now and this may be the window of opportunity to continue that for some. Others are chomping at the bit for the public life and a return to normal.

Moms and dads are going to see how they feel about how their families are doing through all of this and end things that don’t support family or social status. Look to the House where you have the Eclipse in your Natal Chart to see WHO are the other people involved in this Eclipse for YOU.

If this Eclipse Conjuncts or Squares (Aries/Libra) a Natal Planet or Angle by 2-3 degrees, it will have another special meaning for you in your life. Though Lunar Eclipse effects only last for roughly 2 weeks to up to the next Full Moon (4 weeks).

At the New Moon at 28:27 Cancer on Jul 20 we will be leaving the Eclipse Wormhole of RAPID CHANGE. With 3 Eclipses this cycle, this was a very long WORMHOLE. It started at the New Moon at 2:05 Gemini on May 22 so this will have been 2 full months of rapid change. At 10:45am Mercury Rx at 7:15 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Venus at 7:15 Gemini.

This is the last Eclipse to fall across the Cancer/Capricorn axis for the next 8 -9 years. So the many changes affecting home and career, family and public life, mom and dad is over for the time being, We will be dealing with intellectual constructs as the Eclipses hit the Gemini/Sagittarius axis through Nov 19, 2021 when a Lunar Eclipse hits the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

The Eclipse in the US’s Chart:

This Eclipse has the Moon Opposing the US’s Natal Sun (13:19 Cancer) and the Sun Conjunct it. This is a pretty significant Eclipse for the US at this time. The ego/purpose/goals of the US are shutting down in some area to usher in something new (more fully) that was promised by the Solar Eclipse. Many of us have a sense of what that is, but we maybe won’t be able to fully express it until the Eclipse occurs.

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