Saturn Retrograde Enters Capricorn… Again – Jul 1

At 7:37pm on Wednesday night, Saturn Rx Ingresses Capricorn.

Saturn spends about 2.5 years in each Sign. Sometimes the Retrograde cycle spans across 2 Signs as it is now. Saturn 1st Ingressed Aquarius on Mar 21 bringing us the kick-off of the ‘Lockdown’ in many places. Aquarius rules socializing, groups and acquaintances. As Saturn can feel Karmic and ‘restrictive’ it makes perfect sense, right? Social distancing certainly fits. Closing down schools, businesses and places where groups gather was a part of this energy.

Saturn Stationed Retrograde on May 11 at 1:57 Aquarius and will now return to 25:20 Capricorn and Station Direct at this position on Sep 29. Pluto Stationed Retrograde at 25:00 Capricorn, so Saturn’s Retrograde cycle will narrowly Pluto’s furthest reach before he Retrograded on Apr 25.

Saturn is in review mode and as he rules boundaries, discipline and being accountable, we are reviewing the knee-jerk reaction the ‘virus’ caused around the world. Did we go too far in restricting our movement? Or did we do too little? It all depends on which ‘authority’ (also Saturn) you ask. But if you follow your own Higher Mind energies you KNOW the answer.

Back in the Sign he rules, Capricorn, Saturn will be reviewing events from Feb 3 when he first crossed over 25:20. This is a review of how our politicians and public authorities have handled things since Feb 3.

As part of this return to Capricorn, Saturn will cross the US’s Natal Pluto (at 27:33 Capricorn) which he did for the 1st time on Feb 23. The US has had a double-whammy of Saturn/Pluto Conjunctions as Transiting Saturn and Transiting Pluto had their only Conjunction on Jan 12 at 22:47 Capricorn. Then on Feb 23 Transiting Saturn Conjunct the US Natal Pluto. Saturn Rx will make the 2nd pass to the US’s Natal Pluto on Aug 5. We can expect to have some review of what occurred around Feb 23rd at that time.

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