Jupiter/Pluto & Inferior Conjunction in Soul Awareness Aspect – Jun 30-Jul 1

The larger aspect of Jupiter Conjunct Pluto could be a big overshadowed today with some clarifying Soul Awareness via insecurity, lack of motivation and unexpected desires.

Tuesday, Jun 30, EST

At 1:46am Jupiter Rx at 24:07 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto Rx at 24:07 Capricorn.

These 2 Planets have been in tight orb for a week now. As they exact, we should be able to understand what this Conjunction is bringing our way. We are getting clear on which leadership styles we want to see in positions of authority. We can also see how our old leaders were corrupted and we are in need of some legal recourse to replace them. Or for those leaders who may be more personal to you rather than all of us, you may choose forgiveness as you realize how they have been manipulated or tried to manipulate you. There is a possible great upside to this as well. The 1st Conjunction brought the ‘cure’ for the virus and a Stimulus Check. There is chance of another stimulus check as well. Debt forgiveness could be forthcoming now or as this Transit wraps up in November. As we are transforming our public financial structures, Jupiter is blessing us with optimism and benevolence that this new financial system will serve the whole and the greater good.

At 1:48pm the Sun at 9:23 Cancer Squares Chiron at 9:23 Aries.

Here we can see clearly where we have been insecure, unmotivated or unable to assert ourselves with family, mom or around land and hometown goals. Try to move into gratitude as a way to understand this is a Soulful lesson we are all dealing with.

At 6:12pm Mercury Rx at 9:51 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 9:51 Taurus.

We are in the process of revising our conscious ideas around mom, home, family and land. Uranus offers some unexpected resources to assist us or flashes of insight around way to acquire needed resources. Mercury made his 1st pass to this degree and minute on Jun 5 so something from that time may be under review or being rectified as Mercury was both Square Chiron and Sextile Uranus on that same day as he is now.

At 10:52pm the Sun at 9:45 Cancer Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 9:45 Cancer.

This is the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. This is the time we ‘seed’ new ideas and goals for the next 165-day cycle. Which means we are also wrapping up whether or not we were able to deliver on the goals of the last cycle as well. The last Inferior Conjunction was on Feb 25 at 6:55 Pisces. That Conjunction was about dissolving some old ideas and goals for the new cycle. So now we are seeing what progress we have made since then and where we want to go from here.

The Conjunctions of Sun and Mercury occur usually just 6 days each year. They offer us CONSCIOUS CLARITY which puts our lower, Mercury mind in sync with the Sun’s REAL-TIME. The rest of the time Mercury is either ahead of the Sun or lagging behind.

Both Planets are in orb of a Square to Chiron and a Sextile to Uranus so some Soul Awareness is also involved. Look for the silver lining.

Wednesday, Jul 1

At 2:07am the Sun at 9:52 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 9:52 Taurus.

Here we can have some clarifying revelation around our goals with family and unexpected resources, changes to income or we can SEE (Sun) exactly (URANUS) what we NEED (Taurus). We have had the Square to Chiron already and now our goals are getting clearer.

At 12:56pm Mercury Rx at 9:24 Cancer Squares Chiron at 9:24 Aries.

Mercury Rx is moving through the Soul Awareness aspect to Chiron and Uranus reverse of the Sun. So while we had the revelation first, it is now time for some hurtful words or insecurity in speaking to someone we have feelings for. Keep in mind all of the good energy from earlier and you’ll be able to manage anything that gets expressed and causes some pain.

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