Venus Stations Retrograde – Jun 25

Wednesday was quiet with no major aspects made between Transiting Planets. So that makes for quite a lull between Neptune’s Station early Tuesday and Venus’ Station on Thursday.

At 2:48am Venus at 5:20 Gemini Stations Direct.

This has been the 40 Days and 40 Nights of ‘temptation’ and a revision of our values in the Sign of Gemini which rules siblings/cousins, neighbors/neighborhood, cars/local travel, classmates/K-12 learning, communication and mental constructs. Mercury rules Gemini where Duality and Karma begin. Venus offers some beauty and healing to our conscious mind, Mercury/Gemini. Our thoughts are softer with Venus here. We can express our values, but we have been reviewing WHAT we value.

Venus Retogrades are challenging times because we may realize that what we desired just isn’t right for us anymore. Our desires and values have changed. That is the struggle of this Retrograde cycle. Venus Retrograde cycles create a beautiful pattern in the heavens, even. This should come as no big surprise.

If you experienced having 2 choices in all of the values or desires you were reviewing, that is Mercury/Gemini’s duality helping you to make a choice.

But keep in mind, in 5D, we try not to choose ANY VALUE as THAT is how Karma is seeded. So don’t close any doors and especially don’t slam them. Just we aware of how the dance of duality plays with your minds and tries to GET you to make a choice. The real lesson is in WHY CHOOSE AT ALL?

Just stay in the stream of your Higher-Mind Planets and enjoy the dance that Duality offers in the SEEN world, but don’t buy into it whole-heartedly. That is the real VALUABLE lesson of Venus Rx in Gemini.

We have WAY bigger things going on in the Heavens at this time so keep your heart (Venus) open to all that is playing out.

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