Eros Conjunct Psyche at 19+ Taurus – Jun 21

This is a nice aspect to have exacting right now especially in the Sign of Taurus which rules our desires, touch, available resources, earned income, beauty, sensuality and the things we value and our values.

Eros is a 5D energy around what we find compatible and erotic. So in Taurus, touch would be right up there and all things ‘visual.’ Psyche is our Soul Mind so whoever you are attracted to (Taurus) right now is likely someone you have a significant Soulful connection with. Those born at this time will have instant attraction to many people as this is a combustible type of energy. Though Taurus is more Fixed so it will be a somewhat contained explosion. Nevertheless, it is a strong desire to all things earthy and sensual.

Last night as the Ascendant of the chart was Conjunct these 2… like around 3:30am (EST) you may have had something come up for you. Today at about 5:55pm the Ascendant of the Chart will be at 19+ Scorpio Opposite these 2 so there could be some fun developments at that time.

Eros and Psyche will remain Conjunct for the next few days finally exacting a Conjunction at 1:45am on Tuesday morning (EST) at 20:10 Taurus. They will make almost an exact Semi-Semi-Square (22.5 degrees) aspect to my Natal Psyche at 12:42 Gemini. The SSQuare is an ‘event’ type of energy. So something usually happens at that time. I’ll keep you posted.

Following these 2 Planetary bodies as they orbit is definitely a 5D type of thing… aka magical. So see where they Conjunct in your chart by enjoy the combustion they can create together.

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