Jupiter’s 2nd Conjunction to Pluto – A Global Perspective of Power & Leadership

As of about 5:00pm EST on Thursday (Jun 18), Transiting Jupiter Retrograde will reach 25:22 Capricorn which is within exactly a 1 degree orb to Pluto Retrograde at 24:22 Capricorn.

Since January Saturn, Mars and Jupiter have begun new cycles to Pluto in Capricorn:

  1. Saturn Conjunct Pluto (22:47 Capricorn) on Jan 12
  2. Mars Conjunct Pluto (24:43 Capricorn) on Mar 23
  3. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto (24:53 Capricorn) on Apr 4

With so many new cycles beginning, it is hard to separate the energies to just discuss the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction, but we will try. Don’t forget, Mars began new cycles to Jupiter (at 22:49 Capricorn) on Mar 20 and to Saturn (at 0:40 Aquarius) on Mar 31. All of these new cycles are in full swing now with Mars making Sextiles to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn this week.

But let’s just look for a moment at Jupiter Conjunct Pluto. We know how this energy in Capricorn is expressed:

  • global pandemic
  • stimulus checks to keep economy afloat during lockdown
  • optimistic leadership in the face of misuse of authority in circles of power
  • taking the higher road when it comes to sharing of resources
  • legal actions against misuse of authority or misappropriation of the collective capital
  • misuse of authority to control publishing in all its forms
  • collapsing global oil prices (Pluto rules underground and oil)
  • choosing good leadership styles to transform authority
  • taking on more debt or debt jubilee (forgiveness)

Prior to the 1st Conjunction, I knew there would be a ‘cure’ for the COVID-19 virus. Mars Conjunct Jupiter on Mar 20 expanded the spread of the infection. Mars Conjunct Saturn was the lockdown. But Jupiter is a Healing Planet and Conjunct to Pluto there were the Stimulus Checks AND a cure. A day after I wrote about the cure coming, Sam, a client and now friend of mine called to tell me there WAS a cure! She said it was Hydroxychloroquine, Arithromycine (or Z-pak) and Zinc. The President released the same information shortly after, but it was ‘put down’ by the media in another expression of Jupiter Conjunct Pluto.

The 2nd Conjunction, which exacts on Jun 30 at 24:07 Capricorn (at 1:46am EST), will be about more legal consequences for the Plutocracy that has been misusing their authority. And likely the 2nd round of Stimulus-style checks and initiatives for rebuilding structures (that Pluto in Capricorn has been destroying).

This 2nd Conjunction is just 2 minutes from an exact Biquintile to my Natal Ascendant at 18:06 Gemini and also in tight orb to President Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini and his Ascendant at 29+ Leo. Both Jupiter and Pluto will be at the nozzle of a Finger of Merlin in the President’s Chart, but it could boomerang much of the energy back into the US’s Natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

Interestingly, Joe Biden’s North Node is Conjunct the President’s Ascendant. Joe could have a bit of help from this Conjunction as well, but likely not nearly as strong as Trump’s Finger of Merlin.

If the US just had Pluto Opposing our Natal Mercury in Cancer this year, it would be an entirely different type of outcome. But the blessing of having Jupiter Transiting Conjunct Pluto has been seen as well. The entire ‘silent majority’ behind our President is very expressive of their faith (Jupiter) while Pluto Opposite Mercury creates suspicious duality and the fighting of 2 sides in most public and social media forums, Jupiter offers healing through what Trump supporters call ‘light and love’, etc.

The global perspective (Jupiter) of all that has been transpiring is quite easy to see as well. We knew China would try to assert their global (Jupiter) dominance (Capricorn). But Jupiter also brought an ability to rise above lower power initiatives (that don’t serve the whole, as Jupiter desires). Instead Trump has been building a global alliance to isolate the lower vibration of the Plutocracy (Pluto in Capricorn, global elites and corruption in power circles) and let it be seen for what it truly is.

While Astrologically it is easy to see who is playing Jupiter and Pluto to their highest expressions or higher vibrations, there is another element to all of this that is challenging the US public even more so than other countries due to Transiting Pluto Opposite the US Natal Mercury. Its interesting that technology of social networking platforms (attributed to Uranus/Aquarius energy) have been implementing algorithms that further the ‘divide’ aka duality among the people (Pluto Opposite US Mercury). Uranus is right now out of orb of a BiSeptile (102.51 orb) and a TriDecile (108 org) to Jupiter and Pluto but he will return to address some of these issues in a few months. Trump has been stating he will bring legal charges against censorship (Jupiter Conjunct Pluto and Pluto Opposite US Mercury).

So the 2nd Conjunction at the end of this month offers optimism and legal recourse against corruption. However, in late July and early August, Mars in Aries will Square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn 3 times during his Retrograde cycle. This will be the ‘2nd wave’ as Mars Squares Jupiter (real or not) and will bring out some real challenges between individuals and authorities who are misusing their power as well as more restriction from some authorities from Saturn.

Venus is still Retrograde and helping us to shape our values around speech, communication and our ideas. She will Station Direct on Jan 25 and help us to settle into our new values. Mercury is now Retrograde in Cancer and Conjunct the US’s Natal Sun at 13+ Cancer so we can expect some changes to communication from within our own country.

Its going to be an interesting end of Summer through Fall, but we have the Great Conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn on Dec 21 to look forward to! They meet at 0:29 Aquarius.

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