Mercury Stations Retrograde & 3/4 Days to Solstice & Solar Eclipse – Jun 18

As of Thursday we are just 3 Days from the Summer Solstice which occurs at 5:44pm on Jun 20 and 4 days from the Solar Eclipse at 2:41am on Jun 21 (0:21 Cancer). The storyline is building, but with both Venus and Mercury going to be Retrograde for the Solar Eclipse, there is likely some revising of plans and values that will continue with the Eclipse cycle (of roughly 6 months).

At 12:59am (EST) on Thursday Mercury Stations Retrograde at 14:46 Cancer.

If you have been feeling a bit undecided or that plans have been not ready to ‘gel’ this is all common as Mercury Stations. Everything that has been thought, spoken, written and planned since Mercury entered his Shadow at 5:30 Cancer on Jun 2 will be up for review and revision. In the Sign of Cancer, we are security-conscious. We are more likely to wait to say what we are thinking and then may do so with some drama attached to it. Our plans around mom, home, family and land will be the area under review.

Mercury will Station Direct at 5:30 Cancer on Jul 12. So this will have him Rx during both of the next 2 Eclipses: 1) Solar Eclipse on Jun 21 at 0:21 Cancer and 2) Lunar Eclipse on Jul 5 at 13:38 Cancer.

Mercury’s Rx cycle hits 2 US Planets: Jupiter at 5:56 Cancer and Sun at 13:18 Cancer (the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse). As Mars Sextiles Pluto below, Mars is also Trine to the US’s Natal Mercury at 24:12 Cancer and Pluto is coming back to make his 2nd Opposition to the US Mercury. But Jupiter will be Opposite Mercury at the same time. I will write more about this for all my US customers and readers. What is happening in the US right now has global ramifications. And as the US has a Sagittarius Ascendant, we are globally-minded anyway.

With all the is going on in US media right now, we can expect this Mercury Retrograde, which coincides with Jupiter Conjunct Pluto Opposite US Mercury to be quite a busy time in the war of words. Thankfully Mars is Sextile to Pluto and not Square Pluto until Aug 13. But Mars will Square Jupiter on Aug 4 likely the 2nd wave of a ‘virus’ that was suspicious (Pluto Opposite US Mercury) anyway!

US Chart with Jun 18, 2020 Transits

At 12:41pm Venus Rx at 6:11 Gemini Quintiles Mars at 24:11 Pisces.

A lovely aspect for effortless communication between the sexes. Men may initiate things and their approach and words could be quite beautiful. Or women could have the same effect even with siblings, neighbors or classmates. Venus is just one week away from her Direct Station on Jun 25 at 5:20 Gemini. She is now 33 days into her 40 days and 40 nights of temptation and review of values.

At 7:08pm Mars at 24:22 Pisces Sextiles Pluto Rx at 24:22 Capricorn.

So this is a productive aspect in the Mars/Pluto cycle that began on Mar 23 (just 3 days after Mars Conjunct Jupiter) and brought about the most intense time of the lockdown (as Saturn had Ingressed Aquarius just the day before). Now we can get a look at how we subconsciously have been managing things. In Pisces, our old motivations are dissolving and we won’t see our new motivations until Mars Ingresses Aries (his own Sign on Jun 27. Watch how your actions today seem to work productively with an authority that is challenging you personal sense of sovereignty. See if you can gauge what Pluto is doing so you have a handle on him as we move forward.

At 8:43pm Mars at 24:24 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 9:24 Taurus.

At the same time Mars makes this irritating aspect to Uranus. A small accident can result if you act before the awareness has time to set in. Or you could see how avoiding something (Mars in Pisces) is irritating you around your values or personal resources.

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