Mental Clarity & Transformational Leadership – Jun 14-16

Over the next 3 days, the Sun makes all the aspect to Outer Planets. You can SEE what is going on with these Planets and how it relates to your local community, ideas and mental constructs. We will be adjusting our conscious mind constructs (Gemini) to all the transformative power of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in orb of a Conjunction.

Sunday, Jun 14, EST

At 4:27pm the Sun at 24:13 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 9:13 Taurus.

While this is an irritating aspect, the unexpected clarity is always helpful. How can you earning a living in your neighborhood? You could find new resources right next door. Or you may simply see new ways to express your values.

At 9:57pm the Sun at 24:26 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 24:26 Capricorn.

The next 3 aspects are to the Planets that have been ‘Conjunct’ Pluto and creating a transformation in our public structures, careers and bread-winning. The Sun in Gemini needs to make an adjustment to goals for travel, local community and communication that allow for some transformation to occur. We can SEE how the transforming energy is affecting us in our neighborhoods and set goals accordingly. But we need to adjust to the elephant in the room that is a ‘death to our old structures’ (Pluto in Capricorn).

Monday, Jun 15

At 11:41am the Sun at 24:59 Gemini Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 0:59 Aquarius.

Now we have some magical and effortless clarity around initiating structures for group activities. Rather than see it as ‘restriction’ we are able to see ways we can communicate and work within our neighborhoods as a better solution than on social media. Or social media can assist us with our local goals while knitting us together for a common purpose.

Tuesday, Jun 16

At 3:33am the Sun at 25:37 Gemini Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 25:37 Capricorn.

Jupiter Rx is coming back to Conjunct Pluto on Jun 30 and we can feel the power of this aspect already building. Where their 1st Conjunction on Apr 4 brought the ‘cure’ for the Pandemic, this 2nd Conjunction is likely to be a financial remedy and one that elevates ‘good leadership styles’ to our top positions.

So as the Sun adjusts to both Pluto and Jupiter from Sunday to Tuesday, we are getting clear about the powerful Conjunction and how we can adjust the ways we think and see our higher consciousness transformed in a physical way (Gemini rules the conscious mind). We need to elevate our 3D mind into Higher Consciousness here to grasp the full power of this upcoming Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction. We need to get our minds around it and set new goals that adjust to the power that is building.

With Sun in Gemini we can conceptualize the Transformational Leadership principles and set goals to materalize them in our communities, in our communication styles and within our own minds.

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